EVIL: new album “Book Of Evil” out today

Back in the early 80s, the Danish heavy metal scene was taking its first steps, learning a (very) own path away from the strong rock and punk rock backgrounds that the country provided their youth. Those were the years where the highly acclaimed metal bands Mercyful Fate and Artillery took form. But also a few others that, in the following years, saw their career follow different paths and fates, loading to disbanding with a band or simply fading away. Formed in 1983, Copenhagen-natives EVIL was one of these bands. Their debut demo, already in ‘83, set the Danish heavy metal on fire with their heavy metal frenzy and their now-mythical 1984 EP “Evil’s Message” was the confirmation that Denmark had probably one of the strongest metal scenes in Europe back then. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to last and the band disappeared from circulation in 1985. 

A return to action was later tried in 2015, with original drummer Freddie Wolf, now on guitars, leading a new line-up that released the debut album “Shoot The Messenger”. But Evil’s career still wasn’t meant to be and the band laid dormant again… Until now! 

The mighty Evil is now re-born with new joining members including vocalist Martin Steene (Iron Fire, ex-Force Of Evil), drummer Henrik Molin (ex-Shadowspawn), bassist Jakob Haugaard (Iron Fire) and guitarist Nikolaj Ihlemann (ex-Nightlight), continuing the original inspirations of bands like Judas Priest and Accept. 

In its current re-vitalized form, Evil has recorded ten new songs. The album, titled “The Book Of Evil”, was produced in Hellfire Studio, Copenhagen, and Antfarm Studio, Aarhus, mixed and co-produced by rewarded metal producer/mixer Tue Madsen. “We have made the new material in the spirit of the eighties but with a modern metal state of mind” Freddie Wolf says. 

The band is now ready to take back a leading role among old-school metal bands. 

Evil is coming! 

“Book Of Evil” is out today on digital, CD and LP (crystal and golden vinyls, each limited to 300 units) via From The Vaults. 

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Freddie Wolf – guitar
Martin Steene – vocals
Henrik Molin – drums
Jakob Haugaard – bass
Nikolaj Ihlemann – guitar



“Book Of Evil” tracklist:
1. Intro (A Terrible Thing)
2. Divine Conspiracy
3. Evil Never Dies
4. Future Denied
5. The Raven Throne
6. King Of The Undead
7. Beyond Mind Control
8. Sanctuary
9. Storm Warning
10. Evils Message
11. Book Of Evil

“Is this a sequel to Evil´s Message from 84? No it’s not, it’s a new band, with new ideas” Metalized Magazine 9/10

“Hopefully the band will finally have some more success with this album, we wholeheartedly wish it” Rock Tribune 8/10

“”Book of Evil” is a really good album, which may well be on the shoulders of the legacy of the 1980s, but which in no way seems old-fashioned or out of date” Calles Rock Corner 5/6

“Anyone who likes powerful, sophisticated Heavy Metal will enjoy the new Evil and will bang away properly” My Revelations 13/15

“”Book Of Evil” is primarily characterized by the sawing riffs of Freddie Wolf, but also by lots of laid-back hooks and distinctive refrains” Powermetal.de 8/10

“Evil have impressively returned to the classic traditional metal sector, and their quality is still just as strong as they were in the 80s” FFM-Rock 8,5/10

“Fans of true metal by the book cannot ignore “Book Of Evil”. Nice record” Aardschok Magazine 77/100

“”Book Of Evil” reminds a more metallic version of Accept” Classic Rock Germany

“If it’s a full force blast of pretty traditional metallic intent you’re after, then maybe it’s time to get your (Devil) horn-rimmed reading glasses on and spend an evening or two perusing the ‘Book Of Evil”” Fireworks Magazine

“Evil has brought a nice heavy metal album with ‘Book of Evil’, an album without real highlights, but very solid” Metal Experience

“It turns out to be Evil’s best full-length album” Power Metal Warrior

Evil’s delivery seems completely straight-faced but, all in all, it’s fine, formulaic fun” Original Rock