Eviscerate The Crown Return with New Track:
Dear Colossus

Band Bio
Eviscerate the Crown are the unstoppable 5-piece outfit of fury from the Central Coast of Australia. They are breaking through to new soundscapes of fear, theatre, and grandiosity with their most mature material yet. This progressive metal unit creates intense and vibrant atmospheres, full of moments that take the listener on a sonic journey, rewarding them with intense pay offs. Influences on the band include the likes of Periphery, Leprous, Northlane, Thy Art Is Murder and Karnivool.

Eviscerate The Crown returns with a heart stopping heavy hitter that will leave you wanting more. The Australian Prog outfit have again brought together elements of metalcore and deathcore to produce an aggressive soundscape, delivering through intense payoffs. Staying true to their concept base of chess, Dear Colossus as the Knight piece is known for his desolation and destruction. Inspired by the harrowing tale of Liam conquering insurance companies in the fight for women’s rights and the protection of his family.

The three instalments now make up half of the upcoming release on “Life Giver // Death Bringer”, that the band have provided further insights into each concept on their website. Liam Carroll as vocalist played a key part in writing the track and says “the track represents the ongoing fight for women’s rights not only in the workplace, but throughout modern-day society. My life story provided a great platform for the song, as I conquered a great challenge in my life, and I think it’s important that we share my tale amongst this fantastic group of tales based on concepts around chess pieces.” 

The Band
Alexander Myers –Guitar
Dale Hunt –Guitar
Liam Carroll – Vocals
Luke Jackson – Bass
Samuel Shergold – Drums

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