Excalion – Emotions Album Review

Excalion – Emotions

Album Review By Rainer Kerber


The variety of Finnish metal bands is barely manageable. Excalion exist since the turn of the millennium. During this time four studio albums were released, two demos and one single, on different labels. The Finns were able to build on a fairly stable lineup. Three members have been with us since the early days. Since 2017 they are under contract with the Italian record label Scarlet Records. There also appeared the fourth album “Dream Alive”, after a seven-year break. This time the band only had two years time. In September, “Emotions” will be released.

Two years ago, my son wrote in the review to “Dream Alive”.

Musically it’s most likely the direction of Stratovarius, that means: epic powermetal with lots of keyboard, great riffs and solos.

Yessir! I would like to add, but vocalist Marcus Lång sounds more like Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) than Timo Kotipelto. And Excalion sound harder for me than their compatriots. At the Opener “Trust” the keyboard sounds are not so much in the foreground. The guitars as well as the drums provide a lot of power for this. Aleksi Hirvonen excels with an excellent guitar solo. Afterwards the keys are more present again with “Sunshine Path“ but fit well into the overall sound. Of course, there are, as with the predecessor, various solos of the keyboard. With “Nightmariner”, the Finns bring a change in the song structures with industrial sounds. After that they switch between midtempo and uptempo parts. With “I Left My Heart At Home”, Excalion once again conjured up a beautiful ballad on the album. The singer is usually accompanied by e-piano. Later, then also strings are used. And a very melodic guitar solo completes the song. Radio-compatible rock song follows with “The Mercy Racers”. “Callsigns” starts balladesk. But not for long, then the Finns are going on. Driving drums, powerful riffing and filigree guitar solos characterize this song. The bonus track “Deep Water” is then a fast Metal Parforce ride at the end. Why this song did not make it to the regular song list of the album but does not open to me. As a pure bonus that is actually too good!

Also, with “Emotions” Excalion have again produced a good album. Their dilemma is that there are well-known bands like Stratovarius, Arctica, but above all Nightwish and Battle Beast. And out of their shadow Excalion will probably not come out with this album. Fans of these bands should definitely listen to the new album. It is worth it!


Marcus Lång – Vocals
Jarmo Myllyvirta – Keyboard
Aleksi Hirvonen – Guitar
Henri Pirkkalainen – Drums
Onni Hirvonen – Bass

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: September 27th 2019

Playing time: 54:43

Track list:

  • Trust
  • Sunshine Path
  • Lost Control
  • Solitude
  • Nightmariner
  • The Golden Horde
  • I Left My Heart At Home
  • The Mercy Racers
  • Callsigns
  • Deep Water (bonus track)

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber