Fell Harvest Add Progressive Touches To Traditional Doom In “Thy Barren Fields”

Fell Harvest is excited to release their second album “Pale Light In A Dying World” and ahead of that, offer “Thy Barren Fields” as a second sample of what’s to come via its premiere on TheObelisk HERE

The single is the second track on the album and the only one that was not written in its entirety by bassist/vocalist Joseph Fell. Some of the inspiration for the lyrics in the track comes from a poem Fell wrote, which shares its title with the band’s name. Guitarist Liam Duncan wrote a part for the song, which Fell built the rest of the piece around. Fell explains the track in further detail:’

“I think it proved to be the strongest and most complex song on the record and I’m hopeful that future songs will have more contributions from Liam and Angel. For a long time, I have put rails around my writing. I would write a riff that I loved but shelve it because it wasn’t what I imagined the band I was in at the time to be. I made a conscious effort not to do that with this record. Any the idea was on the table as long as it was good and could flow with the rest of the material.”

Fell continues to explain that this is likely his favorite song on the album and the one he is most proud of. It encompasses a broad scope of influences while never feeling like it’s reaching or forcing anything. Listeners should be able to connect to this song, with its progressive elements alongside very straight forward doom and death metal tropes, vocal styles and lyrical concepts. 

Suitable for fans of slow-paced and sorrowful doom, Fell Harvest is recommended for listeners of Opeth, My Dying Bride, and Agalloch.

“Pale Light In A Dying World” is out on July 16, 2021.

Album pre-orders on FellHarvest.Bandcamp.com

Track Listing:
1. Titanicide (4:36)
2. Pale Light In a Dying World (8:23)
3. The Lark at Morning (7:10)
4. The Wind That Shakes the Barley (4:32)
5. Thy Barren Fields (6:40)
6. The Ghosts of Scapa Flow (9:08)
Album Length: 40:32

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Joseph Fell, Liam Duncan, Angel Enkeli
• All songs written by: Joseph Fell
• Produced by: Joseph Fell
• Mixed by: Alexander Backlund
• Mastered by: Alexander Backlund
• Album Artwork by: Sam Nelson/Stigma Art

Album Recording Band Line Up:

Joseph Fell – Bass, Vocals, Additional Guitars
Liam Duncan – Lead and Rhythm guitars
Angel Enkeli – Drums
Alexander Backlund – Synths and programming 

Live Band Line Up:
Joseph Fell – Bass, Vocals
Liam Duncan – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Angel Enkeli – Drums

For more info:

Fell Harvest, doom metal from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, strives to weave a tapestry of melody, despair, and longing to chronicle the last lights of a dying world.

Fell Harvest grew out of a former project of Joseph Fell (bass/vocals); which found its completed form as a trio with the additions of Angel Enkeli (drums) and Liam Duncan (guitars). The name Fell Harvest came from a dream Fell had where he was walking through a deserted vineyard with every vine bearing bleached bones and rotting flesh. He woke up and wrote a short poem called “The Fell Harvest” about the images and feelings.

Probably the most unique aspect of their live sound is rooted in the fact they are a trio. It’s somewhat rare these days to see a three-piece band in extreme metal, and even more rare to see one that is as melodically driven as Fell Harvest. Fans can hear parallels to bands like Paradise Lost and Rotting Christ, but more careful listeners can hear nods to Venom and King’s X as well.

The band debuted a self-titled EP in 2020 and is following it up with “Pale Light In A Dying World” out on July 16, 2021.