FEUERSCHWANZ – New Album, “Fegefeuer”, to be Released on July 7, 2023

Chart-Topping FEUERSCHWANZ to Release New Studio Album, Fegefeuer, on July 7, 2023 I Pre-Order Starts HERE!

First Single, “Bastard von Asgard” feat. Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie) + Official Music Video Released | Watch NOW!

[Photo Credit: Stefan Heilemann]

Germany’s hottest band today, FEUERSCHWANZ, will release their new studio album, Fegefeuer, on July 7, 2023 via Napalm Records. The successor to 2021’s acclaimed Memento Mori (#1 Official German Album Charts) is fully dedicated to metal and thus consistently continues the band’s path away from their comedic rock roots of days gone by.

Today, the band has already released the album’s first single, “Bastard von Asgard” feat. Eluveitie singer Fabienne Erni (in German!), alongside an official music video – a straight Heavy Metal track in pure FEUERSCHWANZ style! In the official music video, Fabienne embodies the Bastard of Asgard as a shapeshifter who transforms into a real (!) wolf to attack Hauptmann Feuerschwanz. The video ends in an epic battle between Hodi and the Bastard.

FEUERSCHWANZ on “Bastard von Asgard”:
“With this song, we pay our rightful tribute to the old gods! It is set in the saga world of the Vikings and deals with the end of the world of betrayal and deceit. Odin’s son meets Loki’s bastard – with vocal support from Fabienne Erni, singer of folk metal pioneers Eluveitie! To do justice to the epic saga, we have turned the speed up to full blast and march toward the end of the world. Ragnarök can come!”

Formed in 2004, the band has gradually shifted from their roots in comedic medieval folk into a much more serious direction. With the switch to Napalm Records ahead of the release of Das Elfte Gebot (2020), FEUERSCHWANZ set their sights entirely on metal – soon becoming one of the most relevant German bands in the genre today. The band’s enormously successful previous album of original music, Memento Mori (2021), even stormed the official German charts, peaking at #1. On FegefeuerFEUERSCHWANZ spice up their medieval inspired folk metal with true heavy metal influences!

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Fegefeuer kicks off with outstanding opening track “SGFRD Dragonslayer”. Lyrical references to the legendary Siegfried Dragonslayer combine with heavy riffing and Nordic mythology. Successor “Bastard von Asgard” features beautiful vocals by Eluveitie’s Fabienne Erni. The catchy viking party anthem “Berzerkermode” calls for the listener to join the celebration and “party like a viking”, while the first three tracks, as well as heavy “Highlander”, are best proof of the band’s evolution from comedy rock to metal. Other tracks like the intense title track “Fegefeuer”, Lord of the Rings battlechant “Uruk-Hai” and “Die Horde” will be long-time fan favorites.

Fegefeuer stays lyrically true to trademark topics, exploring long forgotten legends and heroic battles, and shows off the band’s extraordinary musical skills. The album will be available in various formats, with some containing the live bonus album Live in Wacken 2022, which includes a recording of their co-headline show from the holy fields. With their new release, FEUERSCHWANZ clearly confirm their outstanding position at the top of the German metal scene!

Tracklist Fegefeuer:
1. SGFRD Dragonslayer
2. Bastard von Asgard
3. Berzerkermode
4. Knochenkarussell
5. Fegefeuer
6. Die Horde
7. Uruk-Hai
8. Highlander
9. Morrigan
10. Eis & Feuer
11. Valkyren

Various limited versions come with the bonus CD, Live in Wacken 2022, recorded during the band’s co-headline set at Wacken Open Air 2022. Other versions include the instrumental version of all 11 album tracks:

Live in Wacken 2022 Tracklist:
1. Intro (Das Elfte Gebot) (Live in Wacken 2022)
2. Memento Mori (Live in Wacken 2022)
3. Untot im Drachenboot (Live in Wacken 2022)
4. Metfest (Live in Wacken 2022)
5. Ultima Nocte (Live in Wacken 2022)
6. Schubsetanz (Live in Wacken 2022)
7. Methämmer (Live in Wacken 2022)
8. Dragostea Din Tei (Live in Wacken 2022)
9. Rohirrim (Live in Wacken 2022)
10. Das Elfte Gebot (Live in Wacken 2022)
11. Warriors Of The World United (Live in Wacken 2022 / feat. Melissa Bonny)
12. Die Hörner Hoch (Live in Wacken 2022)
13. Extro (Live in Wacken 2022)

Fegefeuer will be available in the following formats:

  • Deluxe Box incl 2 CD Mediabook with 40 pages booklet & 2CDs (Fegefeuer & Live In Wacken 2022), resin BIC lighter, letter of indulgence, trading card, flag – strictly limited to 2000 units worldwide, exclusively available via Napalm Records Mailorder
  • 2-CD Mediabook Bundle incl. 0,5l jug (height 16cm, weight 1kg) & Mediabook, incl 40 pages booklet, 2CDs (Fegefeuer & Live In Wacken 2022) – strictly limited to 500 units worldwide, exclusively available via Napalm Records Mailorder
  • 3-CD Earbook (FegefeuerLive in Wacken 2022, Instrumental) with 48 pages booklet – strictly limited to 1000 units worldwide, exclusively available via Napalm Records Mailorder and EMP
  • 2-LP Red, Black Marbled Vinyl Gatefold Deluxe Box, incl 2 Vinyl (Fegefeuer & Live in Wacken 2022), 24 pages booklet, cloth bag, Record Butler – strictly limited to 500 units worldwide, exclusively available via Napalm Records Mailorder and EMP
  • 2-CD Mediabook Bundle incl. patch & Mediabook, incl 40 pages booklet, 2CDs (Fegefeuer & Live In Wacken 2022) – strictly limited to 300 units worldwide, exclusively available via Feuerschwanz Shop, Napalm Records Mailorder and EMP
  • 2-CD Mediabook, incl 40 pages booklet, 2CDs (Fegefeuer Live In Wacken 2022)
  • 1-LP Gatefold Black
  • 1-CD Jewel Case, incl 24 pages booklet
  • 2-MC Music Cassette Red transparent – strictly limited to 300 units worldwide, exclusively available via Feuerschwanz Shop, Napalm Records Mailorder and EMP
  • Digital Deluxe Album
  • Digital Album

Experience FEUERSCHWANZ live on the Memento Mori headline tour 2023:

Memento Mori Tour 2023
w/ Warkings
12.04.23 AT – Linz / Posthof
13.04.23 AT – Vienna / Szene (sold out)
14.04.23 AT – Graz / Dom am Berg
15.04.23 DE – Munich / Backstage (sold out)
19.04.23 CH – Pratteln, Z7 *
20.04.23 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp * (sold out)
21.04.23 DE – Saarbrucken / Garage *
22.04.23 DE – Stuttgart / Im Wizemann * (sold out)
23.04.23 DE – Heidelberg, Halle O2 *
27.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle (sold out)
28.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle  (sold out)
29.04.23 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle (sold out)
30.04.23 DE – Nuremberg / Löwensaal *** (sold out)
05.05.23 DE – Leipzig / Felsenkeller (sold out)
06.05.23 DE – Berlin / Huxleys (sold out)
11.05.23 DE – Bremen / Aladin **
12.05.23 DE – Hanover / Capitol ** 
13.05.23 DE – Cologne / Carlswerk Victoria ** (sold out)
14.05.23 DE – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle **
*w/ Angus McSix
**w/ The Dark Side Of The Moon
***w/ Tir Nan Og & Deus Vult

Johanna – violin, hurdy-gurdy
Hauptmann – vocals, guitar
Hodi – flutes, bagpipes, guitars, vocals
Hans – guitar
Jarne – bass
Rollo – drums
Musch Musch – dance & performance
Myu – dance & performance