Finnish metal band Affection has released their debut album “Remnants”

Finnish alternative metal group Affection questions our ultra efficient society with their debut album “Remnants” together with a brand new lyric video

“Is Remnants all that is left?”

Helsinki-based metal band Affection has released their debut full-length album “Remnants” through Omnicult Records. The album is available on streaming services as well as on CD.

With this album, Affection questions our society which seems to value effectiveness over individuals. “There are multiple themes on this album, but the main message is to hold on to the core of yourself. We are still free, even if the world around us is burning down. Musically Remnants gives you a diverse and intense ride full of heavy guitar riffs, raw energy and catchy melodies.” Affection’s lead vocalist and songwriter Andy H.C. states.

The band’s two recent singles “Highway of Denial” and “Since Blood” have gained a lot of interest in a short period of time along with their music videos. Both songs have ended up on a dozen Spotify playlists and have gained a good amount of radio plays in many countries.

Watch the new lyric video of the album’s opening track “Man in the Shadow” here:

The album can be ordered from Record Shop X, or with t-shirts from Bandcamp:
Record Shop X:

Listen “Remnants” on Spotify:


Promo photo: Patrik Nuorteva
Album cover art: Nolan Martin