Finnish Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA releases “ALONE” 5 song EP with SODEH Records!

Finnish Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA releases “ALONE” 5 song EP with SODEH Records!

Pop metal band Segmentia from Seinäjoki Finland made their first EP in 2019. Now the band releases their second collection of songs, which play multidimensionally with different musical styles.

The songs on the Alone EP deal with one’s own power; finding power and becoming familiar with it. Musically, the songs explore genre boundaries, while Segmentia’s characteristic metal, electro and symphonic elements run as a backbone from one song to another.

“With this EP set, we have gotten a little closer to the core of Segmentia’s sound world. The exploration of combining contrasting pop & amp; metal music has been interesting and surprisingly natural. These 5 songs deal with and represent the phases of human life and the insights that follow from them. In the same way, these 5 songs have crystallized Segmentia and its sound” explains Jere Luokkamäki (drums)



ALONE” EP is available on:


Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA is a fireworks display of several music styles based on heavy and pop influenced sounds. The stories of the songs are excerpts from the lives of the individuals and humanity in this world – what things are relevant, what we have experienced, what we should understand about life while we are here and, above all, what we should appreciate and cherish – before we get to look behind the mystic curtain again.

The collective connection of people to each other and to the world around us draws us the steps of our music. Segmentia wants to convey this feeling through its music to its listener, at which point the listener becomes part of this journey and the heavenly flow space caused by music becomes shared!

Vocals: Kansana
Bass: Matti
Guitar: Arttu
Drums: Jere