Finnish rock band Judith Alice released a new single and music video Tonite’s Alright (Feat. Diison)

Promo picture by Aaro Tuisku

Finnish rock band Judith Alice is set to release their new EP Resolute on March 24th 2023 via Secret Entertainment. The first single & music video Tonite’s Alright (Feat. Diison) is released today. 


The band comments:
”When the pandemic hit things got closed up. No gigs, no fun. During these times Judith Alice recorded a new EP entitled ’Resolute’. The first single from the upcoming record – ’Tonite’s Alright (feat. Diison)’ – is basically about the worst hangover you can imagine. After listening the song you can forget the hangover and get the party started again!””

Judith Alice was formed in Helsinki, Finland by old friends June Stacy and Stan Ford(Skeeter Hazy) in 2016. The nowadays five piece band has been creating a reputation as a wild live performer and a party maker since. The first single, “I Only Go Out When It’s Dark” was released in 2017. The second single “Drug Festival” was released in December 2018 and as a third single they recorded a cover for an old danish hit “I WIll Stay”, it was released January 2020. Yeah, the one Hurriganes made famous in Finland back in the day. Recordings of the first album began in 2017, and after all the setbacks and struggle it was finally released Thursday, August 13th 2020. When the world closed because of the pandemic, Judith Alice used the time to write and record new music! 2023 starts with a brand new single/video ”Tonite’s Alright (feat. Diison)” followed by an EP called ”Resolute”! 

Judith Alice – Resolute (EP 2023)

Track list:

  1. Tonite’s Alright (feat. Diison)
  2. Person That I Hate
  3. Watch Out!
  4. Blind Leadin’ The Blind
  5. Close To The Sun

EP Picture by Aaro Tuisku, EP cover by Jussi Aaltonen

Tonite’s Alright (feat. Diison) (single 2023)
ISRC: FI3FC2372601

Single picture by Jukka Aaltonen, cover by Jussi Aaltonen


Skeeter Hazy – Vocals

June Stacy – Guitar

Vasco – Guitar

Eric Jacobi – Bass

Aaron Snow – Drums



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