Finnish Rockers ANYVERSE Unveil Electrifying Single ‘ENOUGH’

Rhythmic Reverberations: Finnish Rockers ANYVERSE Unveil Electrifying Single ‘ENOUGH’ from the Arctic Ambiance of Luosto with SODEH Records!

“Crafted during the autumn of 2022, “Enough” emerged as a testament to life’s moments. In a picturesque log cabin nestled by an arctic hill and a bustling ski center in Luosto, the song found its recording sanctuary in May 2023.

The essence of the track revolves around the philosophy of embracing the present, steering through life’s currents with a spirited resolve. Rooted in the realization that there are times when an individual’s influence wanes upon reaching a certain threshold, the song captures this essence with finesse. It acknowledges that life doesn’t always mirror cinematic narratives, yet music offers a canvas to address these complexities without causing harm. The composition carries a subtle hint of sarcasm, painting a picture of finding amusement even amidst adversity — sometimes by playfully stirring the pot.

“Enough” stands as an entrancing fusion of riveting rock rhythms, skillfully interwoven with a touch of uniqueness. With its infectious energy and hard-hitting beats, the song embodies the spirit of rock while incorporating an intriguing twist.

In the words of Jimi from Anyverse, the creative force behind this musical endeavor, “Enough” encapsulates a sentiment that embraces life’s highs and lows, all while delivering an exhilarating auditory experience.”

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Anyverse is an energetic rock band from Sodankylä, Finland. The focus is in making real, loud and hooky rock music great again. Sing-along choruses, growling riffs, and emotional lyrics make a great rock band. Anyverse has all of the above. The creativity of this band flows past their music and into imagery and videography as can be seen in all their self made covers and music videos.

The band started as a DIY studio project in 2018. By the time 2022 rolled around they found themselves practicing for shows to promote their latest releases. The band is currently in process of recording a full length album due to be released in 2023.


Jimi Halminen – Guitar, Vox
Sami Alatalo – Bass
Rami Tammela – Drums