Finnish Rockers STANDING CREW release a punked up “First Noel” Single and Video with SODEH Records.

Sometime in mid November Standing Crew decided they would take the jump and disrupt your holiday playlists by drop their first Christmas song. The notoriety of how tight these guys are came through once again. It took one session and First Noel was born and recorded, ready to be unleashed!

“First Noel.. This song was not familiar to our crew, but somehow it was our choice to record. As our record company strongly recommended, that we should release some Xmas-shit, and told that we should not use so much time on it and to keep it fun. We played the song thru two times, and then we just recorded it. Everything took about two or three takes, and that’s it. Our drummer The Circle made some keyboard shit, and made a fast mixing and editing. The video shoot took about as much time as the duration of the song. So take your Christmas spirit and few beers, and hope that Santa thinks that you are good!!” explains TJ Rosendahl – Bass​​

CHANGE OF THE SEASON is available on:
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It started as a two man therapy project, when Jay and TJ went to their rehearsal room trying to spend some time (and drink few beers). They made a few demos, and it started to feel that this stuff should turn to a band. After couple of lineup tryouts, they found 3 other great guys to join in a band. But of course, when everything seemed to go well, there came changes to the lineup and the Covid 19-shutdown. But now the band has developed into 5 Finnish guys trying to maintain Rock’N’Roll clichés, mainly songs that tell us how to get to dealing with the opposite sex, or in their case, how in spite of attempts is reached there off. Grab a beer crank it up and loose yourself into some kick ass 80’s and 90’s style Punk and Hard Rock. You might hear influences from bands like Mötley Crüe, Billy Idol etc.

MR. FIRE – Vocals
JAY VAN BED – Guitar
The CIRCLE – Drums / Programming


Disturbingly Good


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