Forged In Black return with their second album Lightning In The Ashes!

Forged In Black return with their second album of majestic heavy metal for Fighter Records – Lightning In The Ashes!

The UK’s heavy metal heroes Forged In Black have returned! And they bring with them their second full length album for Spain’s Fighter Records – Lightning In The Ashes – featuring ten songs of supreme metal mastery; classic British heavy metal infused with the foreboding aura of doom, the melodious energy of power metal, the devastating riffs of thrash and the glorious sense of adventure and challenge that epitomises the best works of progressive metal. Forged In Black are standard bearers for all that is great in metal and Lightning In The Ashes is a momentous achievement in their unfolding career.

From the incendiary opening gambit of ‘Be One With Fire’, Lightning In The Ashes shows Forged In Black operating at the peak of their powers, a band emerging from the turbulence of recent years fierce and hungry. Yet as well as flexing their metal muscles, with Lightning In The Ashes Forged In Black have explored new territory, striven to push themselves to the limit in their unending quest to take heavy metal to new peaks of power and inventiveness. The slithering riffs of the album’s title track, the epic magnificence of ‘Dusk Breather’, the towering melodies of ‘War Torn Skull’, the feast of riffs and guitar work that comprise ‘Brother’s Keeper’…there is so much to discover within this incredible album.

Adorned in the stunning and unutterably metal artwork of Dan Goldsworthy (AcceptHakenSylosis etc), produced by James Curtis Thomas at the Essex Recording Studios (The DarknessVoodoo SixPISTON etc) and mastered at Abbey Road by Christian Wright (Pigsx7Brian FerryYou Me At Six etc.), Lightning In The Ashes is a mighty stride forward for the band that Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine have dubbed “the next big thing in metal”. Prepare to be struck by lightning as Forged In Black bring down the hammer on June 20th!

Hear the first single from Lightning In The Ashes – Dusk Breather – at the Fighter Records YouTube channel now!

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