FRANCESCO MARRAS: New Instrumental Album “Time Flies” Released

FRANCESCO MARRAS: New Instrumental Album “Time Flies” Released

Italian Solo artist, guitarist, composer, arranger, indipendent producer and session man FRANCESCO MARRAS (Screaming Shadows, Black Demons, Stone Circles Project) has released a new full-length album, entitled “Time Flies”.

“Time Flies” tracklisting and guests:
01 – TIME FLIES – Guest: Daniel Flores (drums and keyboards)
02 – HARLEQUIN – Guests: Pier Piras (bass), Mattia Stancioiu (drums)
03 – ZION – Guests: Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards), Mattia Stancioiu (drums)
04 -WHEN THE WIND BLOWS – Guests: Nik Mazzucconi (bass), Andrea C. Pinna (keyboards)
05 – THE MISSING LINK – Guest: Ernesto Ghezzi (keyboards)
06 – PRIVATE INVESTIGATION – Guest: Edo Sala (drums)
07 – DREAMING – Guests: Anna Portalupi (bass), Edo Sala (drums), Andrea C. Pinna (keyboards)
08 – EL DORADO – Guest: Marco Garrucciu (classic guitar)
09 – THE GREAT WALL – Guest: Andrea C. Pinna (keyboards)
10 – CLOSE YOUR EYES – Guests: Jason Rullo (drums), Gianfranco Foddai (keyboards)
12 – SOUL COLLECTOR Guest: Kevin Plutta (drums)

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