Frau Fleischer – Shining Star – New Single & Video Unveiled

Frau Fleischer unveil a new single (and video): “Shining Star” on June 15, 2022.

Frau Fleischer is a French duo of two hairy guys, whose sound is influenced by metal, future pop, and industrial music, with references from the ’80s’ and 90s’ dance music and a strong trashy print. 
The imagery of the band is strong and provocative, with a raw spirit of ferocious music, and unabashed sexuality.

The album “When the sun’s down” is out!


« Shining Star » is Frau Fleischer’s new line up’s first single.

Pounding drums and catchy melodies bond together to create an hymn to self love.

No matter who you are, you are a shining star!

Music: Philippe Bodino & Greg Lambert

 Lyrics: Greg Lambert
Video: Shadow dance Anetha Regglef, edit Greg Lambert




This album testify an internal and personal research, a journey through flames and stars, rage and love.
With a harsh and hypnotic rhythm, this record is electric and dark, glam and sexual.
Nine tracks that will bring you to a universe made of thorns’ crowns, high heels and fake blood, in a space between hedonism and violence, elegance and seduction.
A dangerous fall into the body and the soul.

Musically, WHEN THE SUN’S DOWN is an EBM and synth-rock album, with influences from Metal, techno, Industrial and Cabaret, among other genres. The themes of the album revolve around a rough and violent vision of fame, sex and existence itself with references to religion, pop and queer culture.

 1. Sacrifice
 2. Holy Crown
 3. Piece of Meat
 4. Baby I’m Free
 5. Infierno
 6. Bagarre
 7. Bloody Curls
 8. A Boy was Shot
 9. Bad Girl


Style: Electro rock/Cabaret Industrial Metal 

Composed by Frau Fleischer
Recorded at Dead Tree Hill & Théâtre Lino Ventura
Mix and master : Greg Lambert

Artwork © Lavinia & Gabriel 
Label: Sliptrick Records  
Release date: 21/11/2021
Country: France