French indie/ambient/rock one-man studio WØLZT streamed debut album ‘ANAMNĒSIS’

French cinematic rock one-man studio WØLZT streamed debut album ‘ANAMNĒSIS’.

Out on digital through M & O Music and all streaming services.

About 4 years after a first EPIndie/ambient/rock solo projec from French Alps, WØLZT officially released its debut 7 songs full-length album called ‘ANAMNĒSIS’ and inspired by the work of David Lynch and available right now as digital exclusive through the main legal platforms thanks to the courtesy of M & O Music.

In addition to the official release-news, the album is also available right now for full-streaming on YouTube.

Behind this enigmatic name hides a solitary and multidisciplinary artist who only officiates in studio and self-produces all his work. The music, relatively unclassifiable, wants to be resolutely cinematic, flirting with rock, ambient and some folk inspirations, marking a rather dark and melancholic universe, where the idea is always to tell a story over the length of a record, to bring back to music its narrative character.

After a decade of research and experimentation that he himself describes as a “musical diary”, a few amateur clips are published on YouTube in 2016, the music to the picture has always been a major source of inspiration, the idea was also to learn to share, to reveal his work, to get out of his comfort zone in short.

An encounter will change the dynamics of the project and lead to a first self-released EP in 2018 : ‘I Found A Space Between Two Worlds’. 5 tracks including 2 songs in the opening of the record, but most notably the video clip of the eponymous track Two Worlds which will be selected in presentation of the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2019 in the category ‘Lynch Inspired Short Films’. David Lynch is also a very special source of inspiration.

WØLZT returns this year with a 7-song concept album : ‘Anamnēsis’.
The opus can be seen as a picture of the present and future occidental civilization, through the eye of a man, aware of his limits and neuroses, who furiously questions his place here on earth. As on the first record, no catchy verse/chorus formula here, but a kind of musical prose that unfolds throughout the album to tell us a dark but not hopeless story, which he recaps as follows: « foretoken relics from a dark age seeking for the inner way ».

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