Frijgard – ‘Chapter Zero’ Album Review

Frijgard – ‘Chapter Zero’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Art Gates Records/Pagan Black Metal

Frijgard have showed recently that they are one of the rising stars in the pagan black metal scene and with albums such as ‘Nebelwacht’ and ‘Bellum Aeternum Est’, it has placed the Swiss band on the map. This year has the band attempting to consolidate their position with their latest release ‘Chapter Zero’.

As an album, ‘Chapter Zero’ really makes a stand, it shows a huge maturity in sound and song writing from Frijgard. Of course, there are elements of bands previous work here, solid double bass drumming, lo-fi thrashing guitars and vocals which emulate the Swiss master Tom G. Warrior. But, Frijgard only use this flattery as a base point and any Celtic Frost/Triptykon comparisons are held strictly, there as Frijgard have really come into their own; tracks such as the colossal ‘Blazing Ark’ and ‘Red Lines Crossed’ show just how far this band has come as song writers. However, what ‘Chapter Zero’ offers to the listener is accessibility, smooth songs such as ‘Haven’ and the Depeche Mode meets Johnny Cash acoustic opening to ‘Aftermath’ really capture what this album is all about.

‘Chapter Zero’ is enjoyable and it continues to grow with each listen. There is nothing here that will set the world on fire, but who cares? Frijgard have delivered the album of their career and with it some quality pagan black metal.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann