GAINER: From Mayhem to Metal

Formed in 2021, during the overbearing fog of the Covid-19 pandemic, central NY metal band Gainer has seen success and growth during a time that many other bands are experiencing turmoil and loss. On May 1 of this year, Gainer released their new single The Caverns and has been hard at work in the legendary Syracuse recording studio More Sound preparing to release their new EP “A Blackened Embrace” on July 9.

Gainer’s rapid growth hasn’t come without its challenges. Recently, the band added a new vocalist to the lineup, replacing their original front man. And he has been bringing a power house performance to the band. Evan Rumble, founder and guitarist of Gainer, was impressed by their new member right away.

“Al (Tamblin) was impressive right out of the gate. We gave him our full set and asked him to pick a tryout track. When he showed up to the first practice to tryout, he had 4 songs complete already and just knocked it out of the park.“
Evan Rumble, Guitarist, Gainer

Al Tamblin of Gainer

It was Tamblin’s style that excited Gainer bassist Ben Lampert immediately, though he was initially hesitant about starting the process of working with a new front man.

“It was pretty stressful. The previous singer had a really unique style and I think that added a lot to the band. So finding someone else who also had a strong sense of their own style was crucial.”

Ben Lampert, Bassist, Gainer

As for Al, he reflects the same excitement that the rest of the band shows, and is optimistic about working with a band that he admires.

“I was drawn to Gainer as soon as I heard the songs. It was clear they had very established sound and direction as a band. Along with the fact they had a clean slate of all new material and gave me free reign to be fully creative.”

Al Tamblin, Vocalist, Gainer

Keep an eye out on the Gainer Facebook page for more announcements, and get ready for the heaviest album to come out of New York in a long time on July 9 with “A Blackened Embrace.”

“…the heaviest band to come out of New York.”

Shawn Washer, Drummer, Gainer

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