Get Ready For A Sonic Punch To The Face – BRUTTA

Get Ready For A Sonic Punch To The Face!

BRUTTA (ft. members Athemon, Ex-Haken) Posts Teaser For Debut Self-Titled Album Out June 2022

L-R: Gledson Gonçalves (drums) | Adriano Ribeiro (guitars and vocals) | Tom MacLean (bass)
Photo credit: Gledson and Adriano: Felipe Rinke. Tom: self-taken photo

Brutta is a solid, heavy-hitting band straight out of São Paulo, Brazil, and the UK. Although they are relatively new, the trio of Adriano Ribeiro (Athemon) (guitars, vocals), Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken) (bass), and Gledson Gonçalves (drums) have many years of experience working together under their belts and leave nothing to be desired in both their recorded material and live performance. To get fans excited about their debut self-titled album that will be coming out next month, they have just released a teaser video. The band hints at what listeners can expect in their initial release:

“The album is a definitive punch in your face… or maybe we could say a hammer in your forehead! A mixture of open evil chords with blast beats finding a defined yet tormenting growling vocal. The song themes are very precise and the lyrics bring a subjective aspect of humans’ mental conflicts from a darker angle. It’s right there, aggression, darkness, heaviness, a critical sound mass with a huge personality, not to mention its fine production.”

Listen to the album teaser at

Throughout the album, fans will be greeted by tense, obscure, and wicked music; death metal blast beats, and black metal riffs. Lyrical themes are at times gruesome like the serial killer tale in “Mortem”, and others question religion like “Bastardo” and “Cristus”. The dark themes compliment the creative and original music well, proving that these seasoned musicians are highly talented and have a solid connection.

Metal fans looking for a definitive punch in the face will enjoy the adrenaline surge that Brutta provides, they are recommended for fans of Vltimas, Mayhem, and Bloodbath.

Their self-titled album will be available on June 17, 2022.

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Track Listing:
1. Brutta (4:34)
2. Mortem (4:08)
3. Frgmntd (3:55)
4. Bastardo (4:20)
5. Inferno (4:21)
6. Cristus (3:42)
7. Devon (3:51)
8. Limbo (4:37)
Album Length: 33:20

Album Band Line Up:
Adriano Ribeiro (guitars, vocals)
Tom MacLean (bass)
Gledson Gonçalves (drums)

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Brutta
• All songs written by: Brutta
• Produced by: Tom MacLean @ Twelve Tone Studio
• Mixed by: Tom MacLean @ Twelve Tone Studio
• Mastered by: Tom MacLean @ Twelve Tone Studio
• Album Artwork by: Luigi Quarta

For more info:

After working for Athemon (Adriano Ribeiro (guitars, vocals) and Tom MacLean (ex-Haken) (bass)) as their session drummer, Gledson Gonçalves had the idea of creating another project with more extreme music. Recruiting Ribeiro (guitars, vocals) and MacLean (bass), both were very eager to dive headfirst into the aggressive sound Gonçalves had in mind. A few jams later and Brutta was officially formed as a studio project over two contents. Gonçalves and Ribeiro in Brazil and MacLean in the UK.

Brutta works collaboratively through every part of the process, first Ribeiro develops and assembles the riffs, to which Gonçalves adds drum parts. The final musical touches come in as MacLean weaves the bass riffs and then vocals are layered on top with lyrical themes coming from human behaviour, especially its darker angles.

As they plan to hit the stage in the near future, fans will be met with loads of energy and power during the set as Brutta releases their demons through strong performances, so the audience can do the same.

A modern and in-your-face version of obscure and wicked music, Brutta rises like brutal “Heavy Post Metal” their debut, self-titled album will be released on June 17, 2022.