Gillian Carter Release First New Album in 4+ Years; Hear “The Pain of Being Awake” Now





Trying to wedge Gillian Carter into a typical musical niche just isn’t worth the time that could be spent listening to their music. The obvious elements audible in the band’s songs are hardcore, screamo, and noise, carried by endless waves of crashing drums, aching riffs, and distorted shrieks. But then a passage of black-metal tremolo picking or lonesome harmonica will break through the track, both sending the listener for a loop and sounding perfectly at home in the middle of that song. The band are eclectic to be sure, but possess a unity of sound that ties everything together.” – Kerrang!

Gillian Carter, the Orlando-based trio who Brooklyn Veganrecently dubbed “one of the most consistently great screamo bands of the past 15 years,” return with their first album in four plus years with Salvation Through Misery, a 12-song collection slated for an Oct. 7 release via Skeletal Lightning.

The group have simultaneously released the album’s first single, “The Pain of Being Awake” (, a pummeling track singer and multi-instrumentalist Logan Rivera candidly explains was a reflection of his own self-doubt: “I was having these crazy panic attacks about not having enough money, getting the record done, and feeling inadequate. I really got in my head. That’s ‘The Pain of Being Awake.’”

On the album itself, which Logan produced, he adds: “It’s the most technical we’ve gone. I made a conscious effort not to think too much. With the way life was affecting me, it made sense to play heavier, so it’s the heaviest and angriest we’ve ever been.”

Gillian Carter’s most recent full-length album, 2018’s This Earth Shaped Tomb, was described by Stereogum as “a dramatic, chaotic pileup of strained, passionate howls and expressionistic hardcore breakdowns, and it makes for a hell of a cathartic musical spectacle. “ Florida alt-weekly, Creative Loafing Tampa, said the band offer “a brutal and beautifully melancholic take on hard-rock,” and Invisible Oranges noted the group’s ability to understand that personal experiences are common pain, saying “this concern could not be more universal, more distinctly human.”  

Salvation Through Misery cover by George Martin

Salvation Through Misery tracklisting:

  1. Life is Hell, Hell is Fucked
  2. Drowning in Poison (Looking for an Escape)
  3. The Pain of Being Awake
  4. Borrowed Time
  5. Serene Landscapes of a Violent Utopia
  6. Forced into a World of Shit
  7. Lake of Misery/Heart of Hatred
  8. Crucified Upside Down
  9. Abandoned & Lost in Time
  10. Nothing Ahead of Us
  11. Living in Isolation
  12. Watching a Friend Die

Album pre-orders, which include a limited-edition Red vinyl variant (300 copies), Red cassette (100 copies) and CD,  are available now (

Photo credit: William Lloyd Powell (left to right Logan Rivera, Tony Oriza, Robert Caruso)

Gillian Carter is Logan Rivera (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Robert Caruso (bass) and Tony Oriza (drums). The Orlando-based band have released five full-length albums as well as various singles and EPs since their 2005 inception. Hometown alt-weekly, The Orlando Weekly, said of their music: “Few bands push intensity and emotion as equally and seamlessly as Orlando’s Gillian Carter. That ability for explosive catharsis has long kept them one of the area’s leading and most distinctive forces in heavy music.”