GONEMAGE Release New Single and Announce Upcoming Album

GONEMAGE the video game themed solo project of Cara Neir’s Garry Brents (or Galimgim) will release his new album Handheld Demise on September 30th via WereGnome Records,(Cassette) Xenoglossy Productions (Cassette) and Fiadh Productions. (Vinyl) The album features over 40 guests. The first single “Stairwell of Gore and the Faceless Apparition” features John Kerr (PYRITHE), B Elkins (AN EVENING REDNESS), Brendan Sloan (ALTARS / CONVULSING), Sammy Gurule (WARREN OF OHMS) and Mirai Kawashima (SIGH).

Garry comments “This track (like almost all tracks on this album) is based on recurring nightmares that fans and friends submitted to me to adapt into Gonemage’s lore and video-game style universe. This one in particular is two nightmare sequences in one song. First half is from the perspective of a decapitated head in their dream at the bottom of a steep stairwell and all they see is the killer and the trail of gore left behind. The 2nd half portrays the dreaded feeling of sleep paralysis where the dreamer is completely stuck, yet sees something out of the corner of their eye, a faceless apparition. Bringing all this together features 9 guest appearances in the song. Notably, I let Mirai of Sigh handle the “lead” vocal in most sections with layers of my vocals and other guests like John Kerr (Pyrithe), B Elkins (An Evening Redness), Brendan (Altars / Convulsing), Sammy (Warren of Ohms), and more as we fill a support role. After all, this album is seen as a massive RPG with a large guest list (44 guests).”

Listen: https://gonemage.bandcamp.com/track/stairwell-of-gore-and-the-faceless-apparition

Pre-order:  https://gonemage.bandcamp.com/album/handheld-demise

More information will be available soon.

Galimgim (or Garry Brents) – Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Synth, Vocals.

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