GRAL Brothers will release new album on HALLOWEEN.

‘Dawson Cemetery’ out on Halloween

Greg (GR) Williams and Alex (AL) McMahon took their instruments, microphones,and handheld recording devices to Dawson, NM to record this album in a cemetery.

Dawson Cemetery, in fact. Then, they took all their recordings and tracks home to Albuquerque, NM and mixed it together with the eerie field recordings they captured.

Hear three available tracks on Bandcamp.

Desert Records Bandcamp “Dawson Cemetery”

Perpetual Doom Bandcamp “Dawson Cemetery”

Bandcamp Exclusive co-release between Desert Records and Perpetual Doom.

  • Bandcamp digital and limited edition cassette tape only.
  • No streaming service bullshit.
  • No mainstream distribution.

“The song takes its title from the number of people killed in mine explosions between 1913 and 1923 who are buried there, and what was an actual town surrounding has been gone since the middle of the last century, so yes, with just the cemetery remaining, desolation should be the thematic base from which Gral Brothers are drawing. The site is listed among New Mexico’s “most haunted” — Pennsylvania imprint Perpetual Doom, which is co-releasing Dawson Cemetery with Desert Records, issues a warning that the tapes are as well — and that feel certainly carries over to the wistfulness of the music itself.” -JJ Koczan

383 Premiere Via The Obelisk

Out on Digital Download and Limted Edition “Orange” Cassette