GREBER Presents A Grind Buffet of Riffs, Drums And Pain In “Into Silence”

GREBER (members ex-F*ck The Facts, The Great Sabatini, BIIPIIGWAN) Presents A Grind Buffet of Riffs, Drums And Pain In “Into Silence” Off “Fright Without” Out September 2022

Photo by Austin Gibson
Editing by Youth and Rust
Left to Right – Steve Vargas – Drums and Vocals, Marc Bourgon – Bass and Vocals

Greber is a harsh grind/hardcore act, coming at ya’ from Ontario, Canada. They are releasing a new album “Fright Without”, which will be their fourth full length, later this year and in anticipation, are getting listeners stoked with their first single “Into Silence”.

Even just as a duo, Steve Vargas (drums/vocals) (The Great Sabatini, BIIPIIGWAN) and Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) (ex-Fuck The Facts) sacrifice nothing and deliver a rush of intensity boosting adrenaline in listeners. Bourgon writes most of the skeletal ideas, which always start from the lyrics. Even if it’s just the title, it has to be there before he can let loose. Once Vargas comes in, things start to take shape, and chaos can begin. They explain the single “Into Silence”:

“This song is well above either of our abilities playing-wise so I’m sure we’ll never rock it live, thank Christ. Just a blasting of riffs and drums and pain. Nice. As far as a lyrical theme goes it’s just a portrait scaling the finer points of dissociation. Steve is just full-on, triple E, BEEEAST mode on this number.”

For Greber, the lyrics are an ever-evolving slog through a myriad of different sources. According to Bourgon, it used to be an overly personal airing of this or that, but on “Fright Without”, he went to great lengths to make it hurt more and to branch out as far as he could. The duo has come a long way since their debut back in 2006, their current form is raw and relentless, a sonic battering of low-end stylings.

In terms of influences, Vargas and Bourgon share the same love for “no bullshit” type bands. “Bands that only need what’s coming out the speakers and nothing else” such as Yautja, Malevich, Gaza, and Converge. Recommended for fans of the visceral, Greber will be enjoyed by those with an interest in Man is the Bastard, Black Sheep Wall, and Primitive Man.

The music video for “Into Silence” can be seen and heard via its premiere on MetalInjection HERE.​

“Fright Without” is slated for September 9, 2022, and will be available from the following labels: Ancient Temple and Nofuneral for Vinyl, CD, and Cassette in Canada, Hibernation Release for Vinyl in the USA, and 7 Degrees and Fresh Outbreak for Vinyl in Europe.

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Track Listing:
1. Form (2:21)
2. Aging Debt (2:22)
3. Fabricated Purpose (3:43)
4. Into Silence (2:59)
5. Bush Cord of Entrails (1:56)
6. Larkinitis (3:25)
7. Dark Corners (2:34)
8. Rats of Subversion (4:52)
9. Nosebleed (3:05)
10. Tree Carving (1:33)
Album Length: 28:55

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