Greek sludge/alt-metal quartet release new lyric video ahead of Sun LP

Greece’s beguiling quintet ΛΔΛΜ (ADAM) have streamed their new lyric video ‘Enter: Oblivion’, ahead of the physical release date of their brilliant LP, Sun (4th June, Venerate Industries).

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ΛΔΛΜ are an esoteric and captivating group, straddling the worlds of grunge, post-rock, alternative metal, psychedelic and stoner rock. They return with Sun, originally released 21 August 2020 but now seeing a physical re-release 4th June 2021 via famed local label Venerate Industries.

Sun is an ode to our star as a grey line on the horizon, the hope and anticipation for better days that may never even come and the spiritual liberation through a psychedelic journey between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

A concept album, Sun’s theme of fatal hope can be heard throughout, not least on the apocalyptically weighty, monolithic closer, ‘Phase #3: Eclipse’, the conclusion of a mighty 3-song saga detailing a psychedelic trip. The protagonist of the LP begins the saga in another plane of consciousness, overviewing all the problems in his life, before moving to ‘Phase #2’, defeat with hope and finally returning to earth with ‘Phase #3’.

This trilogy is an encapsulation of ΛΔΛΜ’s approach – wide-ranging, ambitious, unearthly and grounded all at once; the culmination of seven years of writing.

Bearing elements as disparate as Dopelord, Deftones, Kyuss, Paradise LostA Perfect Circle, and SoundgardenΛΔΛΜ’s new LP was self-produced with Stelios Efendakis (Gardenbox), recorded at the Haus of ΛΔΛΜ, and mixed and mastered at Ritual Studios, Athens. Since Sun’s digital release it has amassed over 300,000 streams worldwide, and will see further success with its physical re-release.

ΛΔΛΜ are:
Panagiotis “Takis” Chaloulakos: Vocals / Guitars
Giannis Fourikis: Guitars / Backing Vocals
Thanos Micropoulos: Keyboards / Slide Guitar / Percussions
Giorgos Eginitis: Bass
Dimitris Eginitis: Drums

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1: …And then there was Light
2: Super Silver Haze
3: Never Say Never
4: Enter: Oblivion
5: MONOLITH Phase #1: As Above
6: MONOLITH Phase #2: So Below  
7: MONOLITH Phase #3: Eclipse