GYRDLEAH Stream Entirety of ‘Spellbinder” at Decibel Magazine

Atmospheric black metal outfit GYRDLEAH are streaming their new album Spellbinder via Decibel Magazine. The album is out on April 21 via Black Lion Records.

Band mastermind Flagrum comments “Spellbinder for me is both a journey and turning point for Gyrdleah. It represents a great and unholy reckoning that began with my own struggles and reawakening. With this long-awaited return and debut album, I intended it to act as dark spell in which the listener is directly involved in this invocation of dark art and nature. I surrendered to the inner self and tried to forget what I’d known. To me, your darkest fears are those that cannot be seen. Alone I was cursed to travel without return. But finally, as if by magic, the abyss extended a hand and Spellbinder is the sacrilegious result. So, I’m sure with this release and with the devil at your back, spellbound you shall also be.”


Conceptualized by sole member ‘Flagrum’ from Birmingham, England. GYRDLEAH has been festering away in the darkness awaiting to emerge from the abyss of obscurity since the first EP, Passage Into The Night released 2017. Navigating through the recent years of death and plague my path has led to Spellbinder. A journey of self revelation, undying will, homage to nature and celebration of the dark arts.



Flagrum: Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Alex Micklewright: Session Drums
Music & lyrics: Flagrum
Produced, engineered and mixed: Chris Fielding
Recorded: Foel Studio, Wales, April 2022
Mastered: Chris Fielding
Artwork original painting: Robert Davis
Cover concept and illustrations: Maciej Kamuda
Photos: gorphotographic
GYRDLEAH logo Christophe Szpajdel

Special thanks: Chris Naughton of WINTERFYLLETH

Track Listing: 
1. Stab The Lamb
2. Gyfu
3. Gathered For The Murder
4. Approaching Gyrdleah
5. Speak Of The Devil
6. Spellbinder
7. VVitch
8. Six Hundred Threescore And Six
9. Outro