Hammerschmitt – Dr. Evil Album Review

Hammerschmitt – Dr. Evil

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

What a development – from Neuer Deutscher Härte to tough Heavy Metal. For my taste in music a very positive development. The speech is from the Munich band Hammerschmitt, formerly known as Pierrot. Already with the 2016 output “Still On Fire“, the quintet was absolutely thrilling. Shortly thereafter, I was able to experience the band live.

Three years after STILL ON FIRE.
Three years of heaven and hell.
Three years of doubt, anger, sickness and pain, full of hope, struggles and passion.
DR. EVIL is autobiographic.
DR. EVIL is loud and authentic.

So, you can read in the press release. So, it does not seem to have been an easy time. Now I’ve got the successor “Dr. Evil” for watching. Here is my review.

Already the title track “Dr Evil”, the Schmitts blown away the riffs just so around the ears. The demonic laugh at the end makes me think of Alice Cooper. Also, some vocal passages sound a bit like the shock rocker. Hammerschmitt can also do great guitar solos, and that with only two guitars (Mr Cooper has three of them, at least live). Hammerschmitt 2019 are extremely varied. Whether rhythmically riffing (“Restart Your Fire”) or quietly rocking (“Say My Name”), the quintet manages to combine good mood music with the heavy metal sound. With “War” the guitars sometimes sound pretty bluesy. There is also a catchy sing-along chorus. The Bavarians are not afraid of Speed Metal either. “Metalized” really kick your ass. With “Tonight” they take the tempo a little bit back, but they convince with catchy melodies and ingenious guitar solos. Live this is certainly a sing-along song for the fans. Manowar memory riffs banging out of the speakers at midtempo smasher “Lost In Gods”. The listener does not have to give up a ballad, this comes as a grand finale. “End Of Time” is mostly minimalist with piano accompaniment and subtle strings for. Only briefly sing the guitars.

It seems to have been a lot happened in the Hammerschmitt camp over the past three years. Anyway, the musicians were spurred on to top leads. With Dr. Evil seamlessly ties them to “Still On Fire”. The band has again achieved an outstanding album. To remind you of the opening movement, it’s good that they’ve changed to Heavy Metal.

HAMMERSCHMITT – Say My Name: https://youtu.be/-YiB2n32e0E


Ben – Vocals
Gernot – Guitar
Summi – Guitar
Armin – Bass
Steve – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: August 02nd 2019

Playing time: 52:53

Track list:

  • Evil
  • Restart Your Fire
  • Say My Name
  • Fly
  • War
  • Metalized
  • Saints Of Rock
  • Tonight
  • Living Dead
  • Unreal
  • Lost In Gods
  • End Of Time

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber