Hard Point addresses technology addiction on the new the single “God Talking”

Brazilian stoner rock band Hard Point releases their new single “God Talking” on all streaming platforms on Latin American label Electric Funeral Records. The song is the launch of the band’s new line-up, featuring new vocalist Emanuel Morais and bassist Emerson Bastos, who give the band a new sound. The highlight is the harmonica solo that gives a more “western” sound to the track. Check it out:  https://ps.onerpm.com/7018774960

God Talking talks about technological malaise in a true statement about how liquid modernity can affect our own daily lives. After all, if there’s anyone who never fails to be with us all the time, it’s technology and uninterrupted connectivity. Is “God” this presence that we submit to through online? The song raises questions precisely about this issue that is so present in the pandemic, still reflecting on who we are when we are “on the air”.

The band’s compositions transit through various styles, highlighting the influence of stoner rock, alternative metal and grunge. The message that Hard Point propagates lies within the “disease” of modernity that the band’s name itself announces.