Hardcore Punk Doyens SIGNO ROJO Sign to MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS | Watch Video for ‘ENOUGH ROPE’ Now!

There Was a Hole Here, the new studio album by Signo Rojo will be released on Majestic Mountain Records this autumn!

>>> Watch the brand-new video for ‘Enough Rope’ HERE <<<

“Signo Rojo’s thick, muddy tone and riffy approach to progressive sludge and hardcore punk might be a flashback for some. They sound like they could have blasted straight out of Athens, GA during the 2000 aughts.”

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Newly signed to Sweden’s leading heavy rock peddlers, Majestic Mountain Records, Karlshamn sludge quartet, Signo Rojo, return this autumn with their brand-new studio album, There Was a Hole Here.
Formed back in 2009, with over a decade of incredible material in the bank and earning significant underground interest, ‘Enough Rope’ is the latest release and first single from the band since the release of their highly acclaimed 2019 EP, End of Tether.
“Our new single sets the stage for the rest of the album both lyrically and musically,” explains vocalist Jonas Nilsson. “The lyrics tackle the feelings of disenchantment and disconnection faced when growing up and being gradually forced to set aside more and more ideals and beliefs in exchange for a functioning place in society. That schizophrenic feeling of finding oneself being forced to contribute to the very system that consumes the world to be able to pay rent.”
Packing huge contagious choruses, vocal harmonies and plenty of melodic stomp, the album will mark a significant shift toward bigger and brighter things for Signo Rojo. Produced by the band themselves, mixed by Johan Blomström and mastered by Jack Endino (Mudhoney, Nirvana, Tad et al), There Was a Hole Here will be released on Majestic Mountain Records this autumn and can be pre-ordered HERE

>>> Watch the brand-new video for ‘Enough Rope’ HERE <<<


‘Enough Rope’ (Single, 2022)
End of Tether (EP, 2019)
Svårfödd (Album, 2017)
Live at Äggstocksfestival 2012 (Live Album, 2012)


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