Haunt ‘If Icarus Could Fly’ Album Review

Haunt ‘If Icarus Could Fly’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Shadow Kingdom Records/Heavy Metal

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in bands playing traditional heavy metal. Formed as a side project by Beastmaker mainstay Trevor William Church, Haunt appeared back in 2017 and instantly hit the ground running with their strong debut ‘Burst Into Flame’. This was also followed by an equally excellent EP ‘Mosaic Vision’ earlier this year. However, had Haunt blown their creative beans on that EP, or could they do it with their second album, the mythologically titled ‘If Icarus Could Fly’.

As if there was no surprise here, ‘If Icarus…’ follows closely in its predecessor’s footsteps and therefore is a very strong release; once again taking their influences from classic heavy metal and NWOBHM to deliver an album that easily sounds as though it was recorded in England, 1979. Therefore, whilst listening to ‘If Icarus…’ it is possible to hear large swathes of Angel Witch, Fist and Witchfynde, particularly within the vocals. Furthermore, it is also possible to hear bands such as Thin Lizzy with some beautiful twin guitar playing during ‘Ghost’ as well as Iron Maiden in their prime during the furiously galloping title track, whilst ‘Clarion’ would not be out of place on the Angel Witch debut. Yet, as much as this is an album of throwback heavy metal, ‘If Icarus…’ easily manages to remind the listener as to exactly why they fell in love with metal in the first place as Haunt play their music exceptionally well, full of honesty, integrity and passion that is earned and not bought.

‘If Icarus…’ is a very strong album and whilst many of the songs may not stand out, the album is more than impressive and anyone with any knowledge of heavy metal will know within one listen that this album is worth its salt. For those looking for an album of excellent old school heavy metal without having to listen to a band talk about feelings alongside a huge stadium production should go out and buy this album. It will certainly not disappoint!

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann