HEADSPAWN show their onstage energy in their new single!

Brazilian Groove Metal band from Joao Pessoa (Paraiba), HEADSPAWN have released “Satellite (Live)”, the first advance from their new EP “Pretty Ugly People Live”, recorded live, but without an audience due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. With the audio production from Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaço, Forahneo, Omago) and video by Jobson Andrade, the band cohesively and energetically simulated what can be expected from now on when the shows return for real.

“Pretty Ugly People Live” will be released in audio and video format across all streaming platforms, but before that the band plans to make each of the four tracks available separately as singles. “Satellite (Live)” is now available on all traditional streaming platforms.

Watch “Satellite (Live)” at: https://youtu.be/bNC-8vaxQ_Y
Listen to “Satellite (Live) at: https://spoti.fi/3DX1WRL

The band comments: “In a very intimate way, we gave our best in this presentation, even without the audience due to all the restrictions. Rest assured that when we debut on stages with live shows, the energy of the audience will further increase our synergy!”

“Pretty Ugly People Live” tracklist is:

1- “Satan Goss (Live)”
2- “Worthless Piece Of Shit (Live)”
3- “Voices (Live)”
4- “Satellite (Live)”

Recorded at Estdio A2MG (@produtora_a2mg)
Audio Production by Victor Hugo Targino(@vhtargino)
Video Production by Jobson Andrade(@jobs.films)

“Cohesive and full-bodied, the sound comes straight out of the ’90s and plunges into the future. It manages to be aggressive and melancholic at the same time.”(Ricardo Batalha – Roadie Crew Magazine)

“Headspawn have managed to unite multiple genres into a niche they have clearly defined as their own. Grunge, groove metal, thrash metal, heavy metal… it’s all there, and they have managed to mash it all together seamlessly, to define their own identity. From beginning to end, they present us with their technique, energy and identity and have created something powerful! Headspawn are a force to be reckoned with, and have the potential to be one of the next big names in Brazilian metal!” (Luke Felgueira – Underground N’ Proud)

“Right from the start, Headspawn captivated me by the great influence of the 90’s in their sound. The melody, harmony, melancholy, the characteristic heaviness and agressiveness of the time, taking us back to the best moments of great and important bands of that decade, all brought together with their own identity, are their main differences. In nearly 35 years of living and breathing metal, I’ve never seen a newly formed band sound as cohesive and mature as they do.” (Johnny Z. – Metal Na Lata)

“What’s most impressive is the band’s maturity in such a short career. They were born mature! The musicians’ integrate in every way, especially in composition and sound. This maturity can be clearly seen in the first few seconds of the video. One of the great revelations of Brazilian metal.” (Amilcar Cristófaro – Torture Squad)

“I thought the work was excellent and it was very well produced. I think it’s a band that will make people talk on the scene. The youth and renewal of Heavy Metal arriving with great quality. Long live Headspawn!”(Marcelo Pompeu – Korzus)

More information:

That the Brazilian Northeast has been producing great Rock/Metal bands in the last three decades is no secret or news for anyone, and the Power Trio from Joao Pessoa (Paraiba) HEADSPAWN is a great example of this! “Pretty Ugly People”, their debut EP, released this year on all streaming platformst, features 4 vigorous author tracks full of groove, weight, energy, melody, harmony and a whole lot of punch with no frills or labels. Covering themes such as schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scene, their sound captures furiously and melancholically several influences from renowned bands, such as the power and heaviness of Machine Head and Slipknot, combined with harmonies reminiscing of Alice In Chains and Stone Sour. At the moment, the power trio is in pre-production of their long-awaited debut album, as yet untitled, which will feature 8 completely new tracks and a release date scheduled for the first half of 2022.


Alf Cantalice – Vocals/Guitars
J.P. Cordeiro – Bass
Marconi Jr. – Drums

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iTunes: https://is.gd/headspawnitunes

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Official Store:@store_headspawn

Picture by Rafael Passos

Photos By Rafael Passos