Heavy Blog Is Heavy Premiere Snakeblade’s “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow”

Heavy Blog Is Heavy Premiere Snakeblade’s Heavily Technical “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow”

New Album “The Curse” Out October 13, 2021

Canada’s Snakeblade has a new single out, and now, death metal fans can take it all in over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy who is premiering “Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow” at the following link HERE

This is the sixth track out of the ten presented on the upcoming album “The Curse” and according to Mike Redston is a full-fledged five-minute roller coaster. He explains more in detail:

“This track is absolute bananas. I consider this to be my most technical song off The Curse with some super fun riffs. Guitar wise it’s got flavours of everything from Archspire to Metallica. And lyrically, it’s a complete homage to Game of Thrones – fans of the show will no doubt be able to spot the reference. It starts full-on with a relentless attack of blast beats and shredding. Then about halfway through you get this complete shift to a half-time neck-snapping section. It’s closed out by a silky smooth acoustic outro to seal the deal.”

“The Curse” is the second album from Snakeblade, following “The Kingdom”, which came out in 2020. It is quite an evolution, growing in both complexity and scale with the addition of a session drummer to handle the kit. Mike Redston formed the solo project in the midst of the pandemic, as a distraction. To deepen the escape, all his lyrics surrounded fantasy concepts from his favorite video games and movies. The name Snakeblade comes from his first character in Dungeons and Dragons which was a bugbear.

For fans of death and black metal both new and old, Snakeblade is recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Death and Skeletonwitch.

The album “The Curse” will be available on October 13, 2021.
Album pre-order – https://snakeblade.bandcamp.com/album/the-curse 

Previous single – “The Red Mage’s Seduction” – https://youtu.be/7V06X1AlJqg 

Track Listing:
1. Destiny (Intro) (1:42)
2. Rotten Souls (6:48)
3. Harvester (3:35)
4. Dreams of Aida (1:53)
5. The Red Mage’s Seduction (6:01)
6. Foul Sorcery of Flame and Shadow (5:04)
7. Godswood (2:28)
8. Born Among Salt and Smoke (5:46)
9. Archways (3:05)
10. Exile, Outlaw… The Essence (6:34)
Album Length: 42:56

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Mike Redston
Drums performed by Dennis Kraakman
Artwork by Elizabeth Holmes
‘Dreams of Aida’ co-produced with Macca Grills
‘Godswood’ co-produced with Logan Macdonald
• All songs written by: Mike Redston
• Produced by: Mike Redston
• Album Artwork by: Elizabeth Holmes
• Member of SOCAN
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Line Up:
Mike Redston – Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar,
Dennis Kraakman – Drums

For more info:

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Snakeblade was formed by Mike Redston as an escapist project while the entire world was quarantined. What came out of this anxious time may surprise you though, as Snakeblade refuses to follow typical one-man black metal trends. Every song on their debut album The Kingdom explodes with energy and youthful rage, delivering a pummelling of riffs, blastbeats, and shrieking vocals. With lyrical topics of fantasy, medieval battles, lord of the rings, and video games, Snakeblade is a headbanging nerd’s wet dream. Now on their second effort, the one-man project delves into bold new territory adding orchestral and electro elements to the blackened thrashy chaos that is: The Curse.

2020 – The Kingdom
2021 – The Curse