HELESTIOS – single “Fight” from upcoming album “Road To Ecstasy”


(Watch official video here) 

HELESTIOS are an international metal band from Latvia, Greece, UK and Poland .  

Now all settled in Hampshire UK..  

Formed in early 2020 by vocalist/guitarist Henrijs Leja and guitarist Stylianos Angelis, the band went on to record and release their first highly acclaimed album “YOUR PAIN TASTES GOOD” late 2020 with drummer Ian Den Boer and bassist / album producer Agnis Aldins with reviews and praise coming from as far as Australia, Most of Europe, USA and South America. 

Logistically with Ian in Holland and Agnis in Latvia meant gigs were a bit difficult, so after a couple of changes in the ranks and demos written for the second album (with Piotr Daniel and Sam Calloway)  the line up changes again… 

HELESTIOS have added drummer Rob Leech and bassist Przemek Tazmano Kepinski, to the band who have been likened to Metal giants such as Amon Amarth , Nevermore and Opeth among others.  

With one album under their belt and a handful of gigs and festivals done across the UK , the band are back stronger than ever and are gearing up to release their second album “ROAD TO ECSTASY” in May this year.  

In “Road To Ecstasy” will be included the single “Fight”.

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