Highway Hunters – Highway Hunters Album Review

Highway Hunters – Highway Hunters

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

The trio Highway Hunters was founded in Montreal (Quebec). Singer Marine Lacoste, bassist Yanni Aumont and drummer Oliver Savoie-Campeau have been indulging their passion since then, the Old School Hard Rock. Previously, the musicians have already gained extensive experience with other bands. Marine e.g. with the rockers of Uncle Cracker, Yanny is guitarist of the legendary Canadian singer / songwriter Claude Dubois and Oliver tours with the Canadian singer Marie-Mai Bouchard aka Marie-Mai. In April, the three released their album debut, which was simply named after the band itself.

Already at the first beats of the opener ” Ain’t Got No Mama ” I rub my eyes in amazement and look again in the press release. No, there is not Ken Hensley on the Hammond, but the Canadian Marine Lacoste. And what like Uriah Heep sounds are Highway Hunters. And the woman does not only play a hell keyboard but is also a huge rock belter! In the video for “Inside Me” you can see how she hits the keys. She does not need to hide next to the big ones of her guild (Keith Emerson, Don Airey, …). And for the Deep Purple typical interplay between guitar and Hammond bassist Yanni Aumont is responsible. There is a bass solo on top. And the third member, drummer Oliver Savoie-Campeau, ensures a decent Drive. After Uriah, Deep Purple, I’ll be reminded of The Who. At “It’s Time” the red-haired beauty shows what kind of sounds you can elicit from the good old Hammond organ. Towards the end, there is also a Keith Emerson memory solo. Thus, the Canadians mix the sounds of their great idols in the following songs and thus create a very varied sound. The song “Firebrand” is written for the power trio by none other than Tim Peterik (Survivor). In “Survivor”, the songstress takes a break and leaves her colleagues to the mic. When I hear the vocals on “Down the River”, I immediately think of Lzzy Hale (Halestorm). A really quiet mid-tempo song, but thanks to the screaming Hammond it really bangs out of the speakers. “Love Is not About You” is a beautiful ballad. Here Marine retains both vocal and keyboards.

I’m a huge fan of the sound of the Hammond organ. I already mentioned some leading representatives. And on the debut of Highway Hunters, the Hammond is the defining instrument. What Marine Lacoste brings out  the organ as absolute commands my respect!  There is an extra point in the rating. And the Hammond sound is skilfully underpinned by pounding drums and thundering bass. This trio is the biggest new discovery for me this year.

Highway Hunters – Inside Me (Official Video): https://youtu.be/w3qi94UUd14


Marine Lacoste – Lead Vocals, Organ
Yanni Aumont – Bass, Vocals
Oliver Savoie-Campeau – Drums, Vocals

Label: Self distributed

Out: April 23rd, 2019

Playing time: 38:52

Track list:

  • Ain’t Got No Mama
  • Inside Me
  • It’s Time
  • Walk Away
  • Firebrand
  • Survivor
  • Down the River
  • Fallin’
  • Love Ain’t About You
  • So You Can Love Me

Rating : 9.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber