HM Project | PSICOSIS 21

HM project was created on February 2015 as a result of the search for a voice of its own and to be able to collaborate and learn from more musicians.

Hugo Mijangos (guitar and compositions) has been in charge of taking his music through different styles and places ranging from jazz to metal.

The collaborations that enrich his work include musicians of the quality of Jose Macario, Kello González, Jorge Chávez, Oscar Santa Cruz, Daniel Sahagún, Freddy Adrián, Guillermo Nuñez, Dalia González (among others).

His latest musical production: “Psicosis 21” perfectly sums up the essence of the project which ranges from atmospheres full of nostalgia and magic (Ambient) to heavy music (Metal) with complex passages (Progressive Rock).

The sounds created by HM Project resonate with atmospheres and sounds of great emotional depth where the music leads the listener by the hand towards memories full of experiences that all human beings have in common, but that we interpret differently.

Scenes and states of consciousness that intertwine sleep and wakefulness are traversed.

In summary:
HM Project is the place to embody vivid memories.