Hollow Front Release Explosive Video For “Treading Water”


Last month, rising Grand Rapids metalcore band Hollow Front released their most forward-thinking single to date in “Treading Water.” Today, the five-piece is backing it up with the reveal of its action-packed music video. Watch it here.

The video spares nothing in the way of engaging imagery and storytelling — from fight scenes and throwdowns to underwater shots.

Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate describes “Treading Water” as their most vocally and instrumentally challenging to date. Much like its new music video, the song kicks into full throttle after a slow-burning intro and maintains a roller coaster-like energy until its close.
“It’s a song about being dragged under by the negative thoughts in your head and always feeling like you’re taking one step forward and 10 steps back,” shares Tate, adding that “it describes that feeling of drowning in your life, but always fighting and clawing your way back up to the surface, and not believing all the negative things your mind is telling you because you have a purpose to fulfill.”

The band also notes that today’s music video is their fun and energetic take on “over the top” Hollywood action movies.

“It doesn’t really tie in with the theme of the lyrics for the song, per se,” Hollow Front say. “We just really wanted to do something exciting and completely different from our previous music videos. Creatively, we tried to branch out and create a video that the viewers couldn’t take their eyes off, with plenty of high energy and high stakes throughout, with an intense focus on the action elements.”

The band furthers, “Filming ‘Treading Water’ was by the far the most fun we’ve had a music video shoot ever. We’ve done plenty of ‘low budget’ music videos meant to make the viewer feel the emotions of the song and the weight of the lyrics. So we really went into the process for the ‘Treading Water’ music video making sure we were doing everything the opposite of that — if it wasn’t fun to shoot, then we weren’t doing our jobs correctly.”

Tyler Tate — Vocals
Dakota Alvarez — Vocals + Guitar
Lee Albrecht —Guitar
Devin Attard — Drums
Brandon Rummler — Bass


Summoning the heaviness of names such as Wage War and The Ghost Inside together with dynamic, Polaris-esque melodics, Hollow Front untangle personal losses, relationship breakdowns and struggling mentally amid life’s waves across their catalogue. Stationed out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the band — comprised of Tyler Tate (vocals), Dakota Alvarez (guitar/clean vox), Devin Attard (drums), Brandon Rummler (bass), and longtime producer-turned-newly-appointed guitarist Lee Albrecht — exploded onto the international heavy conscious with their 2020 album Loose Threads. The release picked up over 1 million streams in its first week, ignited deals with UNFD and Sound Talent, and the likes of Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King) and Cory Hajde for management, and undoubtedly declared Hollow Front an immediate “must-watch.” With their new label home, the band sits snuggly alongside a huge crop of North American talent including ERRA, Frank Iero, Silverstein, Like Moths to Flames, Stray From the Path, and Silent Planet, on top of more recent signings such as Vatican, Sleep Waker, and Moodring. For now, Hollow Front continue to carry the frenzied momentum felt on their debut. 2021 sees the group in an inspired new era of activity, not only returning to the post-COVID touring circuit in full force supporting the likes of ERRA, We Came As Romans and Dayseeker — but also, sharing some of their most visionary work to date as just the pre-cursor to their next full-length assault. “Treading Water” is out now via UNFD.