Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release DEATH METAL POWER FROM BEYOND

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release DEATH METAL POWER FROM BEYOND compilation September 24th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the epic new compilation Death Metal Power From Beyond. This release features 16 premier underground cryptic hordes including Undergang, Coffins, Anatomia, Mortuary, Ribspreader and more. Death Metal Power From Beyond is up now for pre-order and will be released September 24th on CD and Digital formats, along with merchandise and bundles.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and MCDT Company are proud to present the all star compilation Death Metal Power From Beyond! In line with classic compilations such as Death… Is Just The BeginningGrindcrusher and Metal MassacreDeath Metal Power From Beyond is the ultimate collection showcasing 16 premier underground cryptic hordes hailing from around the globe. Prepare for an all out assault of Death Metal destruction, featuring new and exclusive tracks from:

Putrisect (US)
Anatomia (Japan)
Cemeterian (US)
Nominon (Sweden)
Infamous Glory (Brazil)
Leprophiliac (Spain)
Reckless Manslaughter (Germany)
Ruin (US)
Undergang (Denmark)
Coffins (Japan)
Inisans (Sweden)
Mortuary (Mexico)
Cadaveric Incubator (Finland)
Ribspreader (Sweden)
Sacrifixion (Germany)
Seraphic Disgust (US)

67 plus minutes of true Death Metal Power… From Beyond! This compilation is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Tyler Reidy (bassist of Seraphic Disgust) who died during the production stage of this release, RIP

Listen to the track “Dødskunst” by Undergang at youtu.be/0fPadQxKvik

Pre-order Death Metal Power… From Beyond at hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/death-metal-power-from-beyond

Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at ffm.to/deathmetalpower


  1. PUTRISECT – Descent Of Abomination
  2. ANATOMIA – Abysm
  3. CEMETERIAN – Eroded Altar Of Mortality
  4. NOMINON – Wrath Of Shiva
  5. INFAMOUS GLORY – The Funeral Horde
  6. LEPROPHILIAC – Platonic Disease (Obituary cover)
  7. RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER – Tales Of Cremation
  8. RUIN – Catatonic Vomit
  9. UNDERGANG – Dødskunst
  10. COFFINS – Carnal Leftovers (Nihilist cover)
  11. INISANS – Satan’s Supremacy
  12. MORTUARY – Holy War
  14. RIBSPREADER – The Bone Church
  15. SACRIFIXION – Genocide Scythe
  16. SERAPHIC DISGUST – Dreams Of Sulfur

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Pre-order the white T-shirt + CD bundle HERE

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