How Blazing Saddles Inspired Rev Jones New Music Video for LOLLYGAGGING

How Blazing Saddles Inspired Rev Jones New Music Video for LOLLYGAGGING from His Solo Album In The Key of Z

Rev Jones releases the music video for the first single LOLLYGAGGING, taken from his new solo album In The Key of Z on Dark Star Records.

In a recent interview with Metal Shock Finland, Rev discussed the video and single, “One of my favorite movie scenes of all times is from “Blazing Saddles” where Burton Gilliam is yelling at the workers for “Lollygagging around like it’s 120 degrees”. So when I started working on my new album I decided I wanted to write a song called “Lollygagging”. I actually wrote the music first, I knew I wanted it to be a Boogie kind of groove with a busy riff but a lazy feel. I also thought it would be funnier if the drums, bass, guitar, & vocals were all the opposite of Lollygagging, meaning lots of notes. So I started working on the music which came almost immediately as did the lyrics. The song was complete in about 45 minutes. It was harder to stop laughing than it was to write it. I knew right away I had to do a video for it. After the album was complete I was out on tour and me & Shawn Berman (video director) started shooting footage. Like always we had no real story board plotted out, we just knew it had to represent all forms of laziness and it had to be humorous. I personally think Shawn did an awesome job creating exactly that. It came out perfect.”

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REV has recorded with:Steelheart, Michael Schenker Group, Leslie West, Black Symphony, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Martin, James Kottak, George Lynch, Kottak, Steve Moore (drummer at wrong gig), Forte, Jack Frost, Rev Jones Band, China Blue, Siva Addiction, Blasted To Static, Scott Mcclellan, Legioned Marcher. He has also recorded sessions with award winning producers Jim Gaines, David Prater, and Mike Goldberg.

REV has toured with:
Steelheart, Mountain, Fuel, Michael Schenker Group, Leslie West, Texas Hippie Coalition, Black Symphony, Kottak, Rev Jones Band, Forte, Superfreak, Gundriver, Blasted To Static, Otis Watkins, Gammacide, Ryan Hall, Dressed To Kiss, Metalshop-Okc, Recovered.

Rev Jones – ”In The Key Of Z”
Produced by Rev Jones
Mixed by Shawn Berman
Recorded at RevJonesBass Studio, Prairie Sun Recording Studio
“Reptiles” “Dead With You” “Good Women That I’ve Stood By” music by Rev Jones , lyrics by Wade Williams & Rev Jones
All other songs: music & lyrics by Rev Jones
Front Cover Artwork by Bryan Stites
All other Artwork by Rev Jones.

Rev Jones = Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Double Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Ukulele, Tamborine.
Jeff Martin = Drums, Percussions.
Lennon Jones = Speaking Voice, Laughing.

Guest Artists
Michael T Ross (Lita Ford, Missing Persons, Hardline) = Keyboards track 2
Scott McClellan (Tony Martin) = Guitar Solo track 1
Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches) = Guitar Solo track 2
Robby Lochner (Fight, Jack Russell’s Great White) = Guitar Solo track 3
Ira Black (Metal Church, Lizzy Borden) = Guitar Solo track 4
Tom Potter (Gundriver) = Guitar Solo track 5
Rowan Robertson (Diorites, Bang Tango) = Guitar Solo track 6
Uros Raskovski (Steelheart) = Guitar Solo track 7
Russ Parrish (Steel Panther, Fight) = Guitar Solo track 8
Bill Leverty (Firehouse) = Guitar Solo track 9
Jim Suhler (George Thorogood, Monkey Beat) = 1st Guitar Solo track 10
Paige Harwell (Reckless) = 2nd Guitar Solo & Fills track 10
Kristen Capolino (solo artist) = Guitar Solo track 11

Track Listing

  1. Life In The Key Of Z – ‪4:24‬
  2. Turning To Stone – ‪4:54‬
  3. Truth Is A Conspiracy Theory – ‪5:18‬
  4. 1985 (Back In Black Again) – ‪4:25‬
  5. Lollygagging – ‪4:0‬6
  6. Bad Gab (Covid19) – ‪4:50‬
  7. U R Y I Breathe – ‪5:1‬9
  8. Reptiles – ‪5:11‬
  9. Dead With You – ‪4:59‬
  10. Silly Hillbilly Love Song – ‪5:10‬
  11. Life Sure Is Funny – ‪4:12‬
  12. Good Women That I’ve Stood By – ‪5:01‬

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