Rising Norwegian metal band HYPERMASS is staking their claim as Europe’s next breakout band with the release of their devastating new single “The Degenerate Strain.” Revealed first at MetalSucks, the crushing track is a taste of the mayhem yet to come from the band’s new album due out later this year. Stream the track and watch the video now at the links below.

The band comments on “The Degenerate Strain“:

“This song came as a wildcard at the end of the writing process. The album had been done for months, and we were confident that it was a wrap. Then one night, where everyone was present, we were messing around with this sliding rock n roll style riff, reminiscent of driving down the highway in a convertible with the roof off. This turned out to be the main riff. The rest of the song fell into place in a span of about three hours – it pretty much wrote itself. I think most musicians can relate to those special moments when a song just gets shat out of nowhere. Those are usually the most promising cuts.” – Thomas Pedersen (guitarist) 

“The process of writing The Degenerate Strain went very smoothly. For me personally, the mission behind the process was to get the perfect chorus for the song. The goal was to make the band sound as grandiose as possible – something I think we did well. The song works as a good single for the album, although the album offers a lot of variety. But this is definitely a good song to start the release with.” – Markus Sundet (vocalist) 

“We had already wrapped up the writing process when this riff popped up in our heads, so you could call it somewhat of an “encore” to the whole process. Once we got going with the main riff, the rest of the song came naturally. Still different from the other tracks, we wanted something that defined our sound, while giving a satisfying finale to the writing process. Heavy, melodic, catchy and intense are all key words to define this mammoth of a song. We’re all thrilled to show you what we’ve been working on these past years, and this is definitely a great place to start so crank it up and enjoy!” – Sindre Dagestad (guitarist)

Apple Music – https://apple.co/3tG5pkI
Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3Njn0H7

Hypermass was born from the ashes of two different bands from two different genres. Once the old bands started to have multiple lineup switch-ups, the longtime acquaintances thought it would be best to coalesce into one strong entity. 
The band may have started out as your typical melodic death metal band, but they have since evolved into something that lies beyond generic subgenre categorization. While the music is still firmly rooted in metal, they do incorporate elements from other realms as well. It can also be hard to pin down exactly what type of subgenre within metal they play, as they borrow elements from the whole spectrum. 
Hypermass’ primary goal stretches beyond merely being a modern metal band. As the production quality and aesthetics of metal has evolved tremendously, the songwriting aspect, in many cases has devolved, in favor of being the “heaviest” or “most brutal”. The band thinks that there is no need for compromise on that part. They want to show that it is possible to take a conservative approach to songwriting, while staying as heavy as they can be. That is not to say there will be no left turns – as you will hear once you blast their music through your speakers.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hypermassofficial/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHw3woqZYJMR4AN9Yf02jRQ