I Was Born Twice set release date for album, new videoclip released

Polish Deathcore band I Was Born Twice set September 24 as international release date for their album Nemiza!

The new videoclip “PaGaN Way oF LiFe” streaming now on band’s official Youtube channel here: 

Track is the second single from upcoming album Nemiza. Funny yet very controversal, and very vulgar – just like the metal music performer should be. Lyrics are about how metal music changed in time, how it got soften by the view to the point where rappers are more rockstars than rockstars themselves. Metal is about being proud of who you are – metal is about standing out to the masses, not to lick their asses to being featured in shitty morning tv talkshows… We’re sick off ‘typical metalcore video with strobo colorful lights’ without any differences from the other 90 milion bands on youtube… Brutal truth straight in the face of the listeners about sexuality and approach of being trully alive, living as an Pagan in modern world – so simply giving no fucks about being judged by the opinion of the mass. We are who we are – buy it, or leave us as we are, we wish you well no matter your opinion 🙂

Nemiza tracklisting:
01 – GeT a FKNG GRiP
02 – PaGaN Way oF LiFe
03 – The NeverEnding Bleeding
04 – TikTok TReND
05 – FLaT A$$ KaRDaSHiaN WaNNaBe
06 – GooDFellaS
07 – PoLoNia’s T-800
08 – BeTWeeN (ft.Jacek Hiro)
09 – I NeeD U…To Go

I Was Born Twice – is the innovative band that mix deathcore music with russian hardbass, and also the most active band from the metalcore subgenre on polish scene.
Multiple finalists of the Bloodstock and Wacken festival with over 100,000 plays on YouTube, nearly 4,000 fans on Facebook and almost 2,000 on Instagram.
The band shared the stage with giants such as:
ProPain, Decapitated, Materia, The Royal, Virtue or Shvpes
Currently, the band is preparing for the tour with Slaughter To Prevail planned for October 2021 as their main support.

The vocalist and founder of IWBT – Tom Tatoń – is the best Polish deathcore vocalist and stage x factor. With 15 years of artistic experience, great charisma and a lot of transitions related to malignant cancer, which at some stage of his career permanently deprived him of speech, he developed a new method of speaking and then shouting, based on only one vocal cord. From a medical point of view, he is still speechless to this day. The stubborn leader strives to conquer every scene in the world, shouting out lyrics based on his life experiences, trying to convey a positive view of the world to his recipients, instilling in them the spirit of fighting for their dreams and showing the modern approach of contemporary paganism.

The band’s show sings in a neon style dipped in UV lights as well as the western model of playing concerts, i.e. without unnecessary breaks. Each performance is one huge energy bomb, sonically and visually supported by Slavic accents.

IWBT’s rhythm section consists of: Tomasz Madzia – Must be the Music semi-finalist and Jerry Hamerlak – ex MirrordeaD drummer. Recently, Maciej Główka, bassist of Gentuza and ex It Follows joined the line-up.