Icon For Hire Release New Album ‘The Reckoning’

Icon For Hire Release New Album ‘The Reckoning’ With Music Video for ‘Gatekeepers’

“A band that continue to push the boundaries of what they are capable of” – ROCK SOUND


US rock giants Icon For Hire release their fifth album ‘The Reckoning’via Kartel Music Group.

Following up on the Rock Sound and Kerrang! Radio supported album ‘Amorphous’, Icon For Hire introduced ‘The Reckoning’, with the bruising single ‘Ready For Combat’. Described by RockSound as “a bold and belligerent piece of hard rock chaos”, the track, alongside its high-powered music video, perfectly depicts the harder-edged sound and aesthetic of the upcoming album, in the band’s own words; “grittier, louder, larger”.

Talking about the album Icon For Hire say; “‘The Reckoning’ isn’t just about exploring all the dark and heavy pieces of ourselves, it’s about embracing and accepting those pieces, and using them as weapons against the gatekeepers that hold us back, even when those gatekeepers are our own self-imposed limitations.” Featuring collaborations with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin and mixing by Joe Rickard of In Flames and Red, the album boasts Ariel’s fiercest vocals to date, and Shawn’s signature in-your-face guitar style and includes the singles ‘Ready For Combat, ‘Dismantled’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Shadow’ and ‘Gatekeepers’.

Opening the album with the dark and industrial sounding instrumental ‘The Ascent’, before the hard hitting ‘Breakdown’ kicks in, Icon For Hire make a clear statement of intent signalling bold things to come. Jumping to track four, the album’s second single ‘Dismantled’ is a raging and powerful hard rock belter with restless, bristling vocals. Elsewhere, for the monumental single ‘Shadow’ Icon For Hire collaborated with Breaking Benjamin to perfect the structure and turn its unapologetic lyrical content into a powerful self love anthem. “I wanted to make a song about the ugly part of ourselves, our ego, that we try to suppress. What if instead we embraced and accepted all parts of ourselves?”, says Ariel.

Halfway through the album, ‘Gatekeepers’, perfectly represents their new manifesto, Ariel Bloom’s powerhouse vocals “get progressively angrier at this system that tries to keep people out,” Icon For Hire lead singer reveals. “It’s the people at the top trying to protect their power,” she adds. By the end of the album we all want to join the cult of Icon For Hire, a band continuing to build their legacy on their own terms, unapologetically forcing all to take note that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon, with ‘The Reckoning’ Icon For Hire are embracing their self funded freedom.

Since forming in 2007, Icon For Hire – composed of singer Ariel Bloom and guitarist Shawn Jump – have quietly amassed a legion of fans. With 250 millions global streams to date and nearly 1 million followers across social platforms, Icon For Hire are no longer the sleeping giants of the modern rock scene. Having sold over 120,000 albums to date through their completely independent set up, they are one of the most successful direct to fans stories.


  1. The Ascent
  2. Breakdown
  3. Ready For Combat
  4. Dismantled
  5. Fore
  6. Shadow
  7. Emo Dreams
  8. Interference
  9. Gatekeepers
  10. All I see is Darkness
  11. Sunflower
  12. Diseased
  13. Messed Up

Icon For Hire new album ‘The Reckoning’ out Sept 30 via Kartel Music Group  – Listen Here