Ignited – Steelbound (Album Review)

Ignited – Steelbound

(Album Review) – Rainer Kerber

I recently discussed with “Viking Zombie” an album of a Brazilian band. Here comes the next one from this South American country. Ignited are from the south of the country. The city Balneário Camboriú is located on the Atlantic coast and was founded in July 1964. The birth of Ignited was in 2017. In the same year the debut EP appeared with two songs. At the beginning of November this year followed the debut album “Steelbound”, which is distributed on its own. As influences the band names Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Rammstein. This mix sounds very interesting. So it was almost obligatory to listen to this album.

“Roaring Gears” und “Rotting” schließt sich der Kreis.

The album starts with a pun on the band name Ignited. “Ignition” lives up to its name. The Brazilians are actually firing a Power Metal firework that will captivate us for almost fifty minutes. Singer Denis Lima presents great Metal screams in the best Halford style. Musically, this also reminds of early Judas Priest, although the band only works with one guitarist. But this has to do very hard work. Also, in the following the musicians do not give themselves or the listeners a breathing space. In “Pain” the vocalist constantly switches between screams and vocals in middle pitches. And Dalton Castro keeps throwing out high-profile guitar solos. Drummer Maurício Velasco pushes his bandmates again and again. The title song “Steelbound” is a bit calmer and more rhythmic. Here you can also hear bass player Sama Benedet at work, assuming good bass reproduction of speakers or headphones. The dark riffs give a little Black Sabbath feeling. Since “Living In The Dark” joins seamlessly. But already at “Call Me To Run” the tempo picks up again. After so much power there is a respite. “Times” is partly balladeske. And is highly melodic. After the rhythmic metal stomper “Ground Pounding” follows a mixture of power ballad and metal anthem. For me, “Shining Void” is the best song on the album. The way the album started it ends so – with high-speed metal. With “Roaring Gears” and “Rotting” the circle closes.

“Steelbound” is a parforce ride through classic power metal. But the Brazilians not only give full throttle, they also master the soft tones. And except for Rammstein, all the influences mentioned above can be heard. Ignited, however, are not a simple copy of these bands, but prove their independence in their compositions. Here are four outstanding musicians found to indulge their passion. The result is a great debut album.

Ignited – Ignition: https://youtu.be/Jo_KwNfkQb4


Denis Lima – Vocals
Dalton Castro – Guitars
Sama Benedet – Bass
Maurício Velasco – Drums

Label: Self released

Out: November 1st, 2019

Playing time: 49:36

Track list:

  • Ignition
  • Pain
  • Steelbound
  • Living In The Dark
  • Call Me To Run
  • Times
  • Ground Pounding
  • Shining Void
  • Roaring Gears
  • Rotting

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber