IMARI TONES Release Video For “The Garden”

Imari Tones – The Garden [Official Video]
Taken from the double album: Nabeshima | Sliptrick Records | 2021
Video Direction: Tak Nakamine
Video Shooting and Editing: Shinichi Ohara

The Garden is the new official video from Japanese group Imari Tones, taken from their double album Nabeshima. Here’s what the group has to say about the track and video; “This is a spiritual love song. A love song in heaven and on earth. Some of you might not agree but we believe it is a Christian love song. This song is telling every step of mankind/God relationship storyline. Destiny, hope, sin, rebellion, life, death, love, repentance, forgiveness, and eternity.

All these things happen in a life of man and woman, both in heaven and on earth, going toward eternity. (Ok, it does not have to be between man and woman. It could be in any relationship you can call love.) Even though it does not necessarily sound like a typical Christian song (or a typical love song), we believe it’s a song about salvation. It’s a song about falling in love, falling from heaven, and salvation by grace.

When we made the video for this song, we wondered how we could portrait this complicated love story sung in it. We could use some actor and actress, but we chose to do it with our own band members, to show you the story of this song with personal messages.

You can understand the story in various ways. Why did he have to shoot the gun? What does it mean? Who is this lady in white dress? Yes, we did these things because they were cool and we tried to make things dramatic. But when all things were done, we realized that it was a story about salvation. This lady in white (Marie) is playing a sort of Joan Of Arc role. It symbolizes the salvation by Christ and faith in God. As a result, the band members who were walking like a funeral in the opening part, now they are smiling in the ending part and walking in the light.”

Imari Tones – Nabeshima
Nabeshima is a double album consisting of 24 songs. While people may be amazed at the volume, it certainly takes listeners to a mysterious journey through ancient Japan. Unknown fantasy world where Japanese traditional culture and Christianity meet. The songs are sung both in English and Japanese. 11 songs are sung in English while 11 songs are in Japanese. The other 2 tracks are instrumental. The musical style is very diverse. It has some of the heaviest songs from Imari Tones, as well as some of the most outlandish progressive songs. At the same time it has straightforward pop songs and beautiful ballads. Read more …here

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Nabeshima (2 x LP) | July 6th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Imari Tones are:
Takahiro “Tone” Nakamine – Guitars/Vocals | Marie – Bass | Shinryu – Drums

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