Impact Released Single/Video For “Hometown”

🎥 Official Music Video
Premiere: May 13, 2022
🎬 ⚙️ Production:
Dan Ringer

IMPACT announce on “Hometown“:
“‘Hometown‘ is the epitome of a blues-inspired, future Hard Rock classic. A killer riff leads into the song, which tells a story about a love affair and a hate relationship. The protagonist longs to leave his dreary and boring hometown to travel the world and its seven seas, but is still deeply rooted in his birthplace.
Big 80’s Rock drums, a Mutt Lange vocal production and hard-hitting guitars are the ingredients for an anthem for travellers, assuring them that there will always be a place called ‘home.'” 

Band 2022 • 📸 Impact

Ian Hendrik • Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Morris Ramon • Lead Guitar
Joe Hanson • Lead Vocals
Danny F. • Rhythm Guitar
Dan Ringer • Bass

With the new single “Hometown” these hungry top artists deliver crisp and fatally catchy HEAVY ROCK at its best!

Artwork • “Hometown”
🎨 Ian Hendrik

▶ 🗓️ Official release: May 13, 2022 ◀
01. Hometown

total: 04:20

IMPACT is a traditional Heavy Metal line-up formed in early 2020 by drummer Ian Hendrik, Morris Ramon and Danny F. on guitars and bassist Dan Ringer.

With thundering drums, in- your-face guitars and screaming vocals they reignite the sound of 80s Heavy Metal.

In their own songs influenced by bands from the Monsters Of Rock time like Metallica and Judas Priest they critically review the society, scream for freedom and talk about the cliché trio:
Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll.

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