Imperial Execration release the dark brutality of Commanding Satan’s Crusades

Imperial Execration release the dark brutality of Commanding Satan’s Crusades through Comatose Music on December 9th!

Hell has added a new battalion to its armies, with brutal death metal outfit Imperial Execration poised to bring some serious heavy artillery to the ranks of the infernal host. Featuring guitarist/bassist Eduardo Camargo (AtaudGoreinhaledDespondency), drummer Ruben Jaramillio (AtaudEngulfed In Abomination) and renowned extreme metal vocalist Mr Oscarnivore Macias of Carnivore Diprosopus, Imperial Execration have a history of severe sonic violence behind them…and even darker deeds lie ahead. Debut album Commanding Satan’s Crusades is ready to be unleashed and its carpet bombing fury will bring a new level of intensity to the war against the light.

Featuring six original songs of bone crushing weight and unstoppable force, along with a suitably sickening rendition of Dehumanized’s classic acerbic anthem ‘Condemned’, Commanding Satan’s Crusades takes brutal death metal into a new realm of oppressive darkness and unholy carnage. Combining a twisted technicality with merciless, unending bludgeoning, tracks like ‘Victory Of The Stygian Empire’ are utterly alien in their palpable disregard for human life. Each song has been immersed in a viscous atmosphere, a putrid poison that drips from every bestial roar and mind mangling riff. ‘His Ominous Presence’ is perfectly named as the song hangs above you, a black pool of dread gathering in the shadows of its wings. The mixing and mastering, courtesy of Tom Bradfield (Twitch Of The Death NerveIniquitous SavageryInfected Disarray etc) adds layer upon layer of absolute horror to the sound of Commanding Satan’s Crusades, ensuring that nothing this year will surpass it for nightmarish rot and scorched earth devastation.

United in a sacrilegious alliance with Comatose Music, the undead gods of disease and decay, Imperial Execration will march against the world on December 9th, with Commanding Satan’s Crusades wrapped in a shroud of stunning artwork created by John Quevedo Janssens (FleshtorturePaganizerThose Who Bring The Torture etc). There is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no redemption, no resurrection…there is only Imperial Execration!

Take up your sword for Satan now at Slam Worldwide – where first single ‘Summoning Of The Ancient Hordes’ is streaming now!

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