IN THE WOODS… Album ‘Diversum’ Out Now and Streaming

Norwegian metal icons In The Woods… have released Diversum on CD, digital, and various limited edition vinyl formats via Soulseller Records! Purchase and streaming options are below!

World (physical):
Americas (physical):
Diversum on Spotify

“Diversum is one hell of an album that nicely continues the band’s legacy and feels even more inspired than their previous post-return releases, and those albums were already pretty awesome.” (98/100)

– Infernal Masquerade

“In the Woods… are not strangers to upheaval within their ranks, and it would have been easy for Diversum to instantly wash out if the chemistry wasn’t right. But it is. It really, really is, and some tweaks to their sound and the emergence of Fjellestad on vocals were expert moves, making this one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the year.”

– Meat Mead Metal

“A truly spellbinding album.” (8.5/10)

– Metal Noise

“Diversum may feature a new vocalist in Bernt Fjellestad, but the core from 2018’s Cease the Da remains and the music is just as driving, somber, and heavy as anything the band has released to date.”

– Nine Circles

“Diversum is the next stage of In the Woods… and throughout, they honour the past while looking towards the future. The legendary band continues to prove just why they are so important.” (8.5/10)

– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“In The Woods… are able to write songs that are both memorable and interesting, making Diversum a highly enjoyable listen.”

– Heavy Music Headquarters

“Diversum is perhaps the most diverse album by the band so far. An album of good feelings and good ideas.”

– Metallerium

“Diversum ticks all the right boxes for legions of progressive metal adherents to lap it up.”

– Ghost Cult Magazine

In The Woods… return with a brand new studio album of avant-garde, progressive black rock and metal managing to deliver another epic masterpiece following untrodden paths and pagan tongue. With the band’s new label Soulseller Records and new vocalist Bernt Fjellestad, the sails are set out to reach new heights. In The Woods… set out on this journey a long time ago, and is with Diversum once again true to the spirit that is In The Woods… with changes, with difference, with diversity. The result is all that In The Woods… has been, and what the band will be, captured in the absolute unique album that is Diversum.

Track Listing:

  1. The Coward’s Way
  2. Moments
  3. We Sinful Converge
  4. The Malevolent God
  5. A Wonderful Crisis
  6. Humanity
  7. Master of None
  8. Your Dark

Album Credits:

Recorded in Kristiansand, Norway, December 2020 – May 2022
Mixed & mastered by Frédéric Gervais (Studio Henosis)
Artwork by Dr. Winter (Teratogen)

Photo Credit: Runar Haugeland


Anders Kobro: Drums
Bernt Sørensen: Rhythm & lead guitars
Nils Olav Drivdal: Bass, keyboards
Bernt Fjellestad: Vocals
Kåre André Sletteberg: Rhythm & lead guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards
Alf Erik Sørensen: Session keyboards