INFERION Tribute Album ‘Maternity Ward To Crematorium’ Now Available on Cassette

Miami (FL) – Maternity Ward To Crematorium  the tribute album to Black/Death Metal pioneers INFERION released digitally last year — is now available on cassette tape via Schematic.

Maternity Ward To Crematorium is a sonic static-line jump through the 20-plus years of Miami’s INFERION. With a wide variety of different veteran artists from all different genres with their own unique take on Inferion’s discography.

Maternity Ward To Crematorium is a neat collection of noises to throw on if you want to experience a dynamic rollercoaster ride.”

-Kevin Stewart-Panko (Decibel)

“Nick Reyes from Cayos was one of our best mail order employees, covered in tattoos and his ubiquitous Burzum shirt. He would report back with tales from tours in Norway and Colombia with his Black Death band, Inferion. Now, nearly 20 years later, we’re proud to release 15 interpolations by Schematic’s finest.”

– Schematic

 FFO: Godflesh, Virus, Prong and Pitchshifter.

Purchase/Stream Maternity Ward To Crematorium:

Track Listing:

  1. Grendel (Ossa “Strobe Amoeba Remix”)
  2. Contempt (“Black Ant” Remix)
  3. Weakness (Dim Past Remix)
  4. Dolore – Death Oceans (“Realm of Solitude” Remix)
  5. Noirefni (Drowning The Virgin Silence “As You Die & Wasted Landscape Remix”)
  6. Grendel (Blush Response Remix)
  7. Wasted Landscape (Nerikatsu Remix)
  8. My Hydrogen Bomb (Sohn Jamal “Kay Domestic Remix”)
  9. Lament (Wintereve “Dying Souls Remix”)
  10. Contempt (Proswell “420 Remix”)
  11. Firewar (Ed Matus Remix)
  12. Dead Moonlight (Dino Felipe “Lunar Spike Remix”)
  13. Embers (Roiju Remix)
  14. This Will Decay (Brook Chills Remix)
  15. Entering Death Without A Name (Mamadou Drame Remix)


Cover art by Richard Vergez
Mastered by Nick Reyes
Ray Mitchell – Guitars

Inferion is:

Nick Reyes – Guitars, Vocals
 Frank Gross – Bass, Vocals
Elan O’Neal – Drums, BGV
Jacob Ford – Guitars
Inferion on YouTube
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