InRetrospect animate their core beliefs in a relentless barrage of harmonious noise. The band strives to challenge the anguish that we as a species impose on the world around us so willingly, without ever considering the consequences. InRetrospect is a collective aiming to change the insatiable existential crisis known as the modern world. Illustrating soundscapes that display themes of mental deterioration, emotional hardship and pain in its truest and most extreme form, the band deliver their message for change. Utilising their anger, passion and energy not only in the studio, but also in their live shows, they captivate audiences with a thought-provoking and ground-shaking aplomb. 

InRetrospect have shared stages with Lastelle, Invisions, Death Blooms, Graphic Nature, Blood Youth, Monasteries, Gassed Up and more, and also played at Burn It Down Festival in 2021. The bands previous singles have deservedly garnered support from BBC, Amazing Radio, Primordial Radio, Distortion Radio, ARFM, The Faction, Idobi Radio, Heavy Mag, GigRadar, Total Rock Radio, HM Magazine, Ollie Winiberg, Knotfest, Moshville Times and more. Furthermore, the band have had support from Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal and Apple music, surpassing 300,000+ streams on Spotify alone. 2022 sees the band continuing to tour intensely, sharing stages with the likes of We Struck Gold, Tyrants and more. ‘Safe Haven’ is out on the 20th May 2022 and the band release their debut EP ‘Current State’ on the 10th June 2022.

PRESS QUOTE (Tobias Clark) – “Our latest single ‘safe_haven.’ was broadly written to parallel a number of prominent issues within our modern society. Lyrical themes of dystopia and totalitarianism are woven throughout this unforgivingly heavy song; angular riffs and glitchy production techniques merge effortlessly to create what can only be described as a bleak and oppressive soundscape. During the writing process we took inspiration from the ongoing sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, in which the underlying theme for the show explores the consequences for humanity when ominous technological marvels are manipulated for unjust purposes. The opening lyrics ‘you perceive, what you think are dreams’, and ‘the world around me, is not what it seems’, were chosen by our vocalist Nathan to highlight that the society we have created for ourselves is merely a comforting illusion, that could very easily be stripped away at a moment’s notice.Our visualiser compliments this central theme as our character, that was once shown suspended peacefully in a water tank for our previous single deadweight., is now depicted in an unsettling, apocalyptic setting, floating above a desolate cityscape. The contrast between meditative tranquility and turbulent chaos has been purposefully woven and highlighted throughout this EP, creating thematic diversity and a natural flow between our songs is something that we’ve strongly emphasised in our writing as of recent. safe_haven. is intended to appear towards the end of our upcoming EP current_state., along with our final single eclipse.. Both of these songs feature what we believe to be our catchiest choruses, as well as our most monstrous riffs to date. These two songs are undoubtedly the highlights of the EP, and we’re all very excited to reveal this pairing to our audience. E M B R A C E ∞ E T E R N I T Y“

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The band tour the UK with We Struck Gold to promote the release. Catch them on the following dates:

23.06.22 Southampton – Suburbia –
24.06.22 Sheffield – Corporation –
25.06.22 Leeds – Boom –
26.06.22 London – The Black Heart –