Insanidade’s new music video showcase the best of live action rock performance

Insanidade  has just released their most recent material, the music video of  the track “On Fire”,  second video of the new album “High Speed”, that consists of 12 songs and was produced by the Brazilian producer Gustavo Vázquez of the RockLab studio, and shows all the maturity of the band, with a more united, intense and energetic sound with influences from The Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Scumbag Millionaire. 

Composed by Lucas Tamandaré, lead singer of the band, “On Fire” is a powerful theme, with showy riffs, with a very different dynamic from the one that Insanity has usually custom by, with a more rhythmic rhythm in the phrases, like an explosion in the choir and sensational guitar solos. A more rock n roll feel, with very apocalyptic, nihilist and inflamed lyrics.

With little more than a year of career, from the edited albums – “Hello Suckers” in Portuguese, “High Speed” in English – and success in the United States, Insanity is listed by the critics as one of the main names of Latin rock. Precursors of the movement Action Punk and Insanity rescues the essence of action rock in the release of new music video  in Brazil, nomenclatures created in Scandinavia to frame bands that mix punk rock, traditional rock n roll and hard rock, the band Insanidade is formed by Lucas (voice), Éder (guitar), Ricardo (bass ) and Wilsner (drums).

We talked  with the lead singer Lucas Tamandaré about the music video, latest album, upcoming projects and much more about the band. Check out the Interview.

Why the name “Insanidade”? How did the band start?
The name “Insanidade” came from the song “Funeral na Nova Ordem” by the band “Desastre” from Goiânia,Brazil. At the end of the song the word Insanidade appears. The word caught so much in the head for being a dirty word, striking, disorderly is extremely rock n roll. The band emerged professionally in 2019 when we decided to record our songs and dedicate ourselves more seriously, we started organizing our own shows and festivals.

The band continues to promote their latest release, the music video for the track “On Fire “. How was the process of recording this clip?
The entire recording process was quite intense and laborious. Although we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do, it was very difficult to get the idea off the paper. The organization was left to Vitor Tristão and he brought Caverna to do the production, Caverna is a well-regarded name in the Brazilian mainstream, he works with several famous names, so we were calm about the equipment, fireworks, lights and filming .The filming process itself was pretty cool, because in all our clips, beer, rock n roll and lots of laughs can’t be missing.

The band’s video and album were very well received on international music sites. How is the band seeing such positive feedback from the released material?
The Feedback is really nice. Several websites, several radios, several international bands and musicians praising and enjoying our work, it is a great satisfaction to see bands, websites, radios that we always liked enjoying our work and everyone always praising the professionalism that we handle our material. with a lot of quality.

What were the biggest challenges for the band when you guys were developing the album?
The biggest challenge was the pandemic of covid. Because we literally recorded it right in the middle of the pandemic, so everything was closed, everyone was unmotivated, nobody wanted to know anything about music, it was a very long process, practically 6 months. And recording 12 songs in this period was quite difficult for me (Lucas – vocalist), I took over the reins together with Gustavo Vázquez (producer), and we literally didn’t let the shuttle fall.

What bands and artistic sources inspire Insanidade’s sound?
There are several, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, Scumbag Millionaire, The Stooges.

Does the band intend to tour internationally? Do you intend to go through Latin America, USA or Europe first?
Of course, one of our plans in this resumption is to go on tours outside Brazil, not necessarily in that order, but whatever comes first, we’re going.

Can we expect more new material soon?
Yes, we already have several songs recorded, ready, others finished and we will still explore “High Speed” a lot with new clips, until we release the live shows.

Listen to the album “High Speed”: