Interview With Bonded

Interview With Bernd “Bernemann” Kost  

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine how are you today Bernemann?

Hi Keith, thanks very much, nice to meet you, I’m doing fine, spending the rest of the day with my family at home. Last week you can imagine we were very busy, but its cool, I feel fine.


Rest In Violence was out last Friday, can you tell me about the album and the writing process behind it?

Makka and me started writing materials in 2017 when we were still with Sodom, the songs we written and the music me and Makka written were supposed to go in the next Sodom album, we were talking about Suit Murderer and Godgiven, we still have not written lyrics at this point of time, by this time we were out of the band, we were fired in January 2018, Me and Makka know each other for very long, we are close together, we are friends for many years, we have a record room, We know we can continue and make something on our own, we know so many people, and at the time we were looking for new lineup, especially for a singer, it was not easy to find someone that quickly, so we continued to write songs, So in the end when Ingo joined, Ingo was the last who get into the band, By the time Ingo  joined we had 14 songs already, by the time although we didn’t complete the lyrics of the songs, but I have prepared the riffs already, that’s how we were formed.


As it is the debut album for Bonded, can you tell me how you feel about it?

I feel so good about the album, we written this for a very long time, all the songs and I’m very happy to have these boys into my band, Usually I won’t feel that great after I complete an album, I would always feel this could have been done better, but in this album, I’m 100% happy on how it has been made, Makka and Me are so patience to find the perfect singer for the band, We could have come much earlier but we didn’t want to compromise when it comes to singer, When we had Ingo we know this is the man for the band, Lets see if people are happy we will see how to take it further, But we are 100% happy about the new album.


How was Bonded formed?

We were long time looking for a band name, it was difficult, everytime we look in google for a band name, there was already a band with that name, we don’t want long name like “Blood Sucking” haha, we wanted a strong name, we were looking for a name for almost a year, and Makka and me are talking in the basement drinking tea, and we were thinking about Bonded, we know there is an American band called Bonded By Blood a tribute band to Exodus. Of course we love Exodus, there is no question about band, but Bonded means a lot, we are all friends for a long time, so Bonded is not only a great name, but it has great meaning for our band.


As you have stepped into a new journey through Bonded, what are the plans?

We have plan to meet our agent next week and of course we want to play live now, We have already played a couple of shows now, We have one show confirmed in March in a Local festival here, We are looking for some Open Air Festival, we wanted to check with our booking agent and take it further.


Good times and bad times happens in a musicians life, how do you overcome it?

First I was not really surprised about this, I didn’t know it, the last months I felt something is going on, When I saw the message in my WhatsApp, I was shocked and I was talking to Makka  maybe 10 mins later, we were talking about the future, we were not happy about the situation, We were not down financially because of music, we have our own jobs. We were really disappointed in the first moment, but in the end its life, We got offers from many bands, Speezy from Kreator called and said hey lets start a band, I was like hey are you kidding you are making great with the band, you have millions of shows how its going to work, your wife is going to kill you he was like yes you are right haha, Of course we were sad for sometime, and we know something will work and lets keep on working. I was in Sodom for 22 years, I had a great time, but that’s not the end of the world.


The album is amazing, a great debut from  you guys, how as a band you feel about this?

It was amazing, we put a lot of efforts and check out, you can find out in You tube, and you can buy it, its available now, we would like to hear from people what they feel about this.


Message for the fans?

My message is I’m very excited the moment about the release, im waiting to see peoples reaction, I hope Sodom fans from the last 22 years, If you like Sodom, you will like us, Makka and I won’t change, if you like the Bonded, we don’t change our style and our ways, and thanks very much.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement