Interview With Coffeinne

Interview With Coffeinne

By Keith Clement

Intro On The Band:

Coffeinne is a Melodic Metal Band formed back in 2015 by the vocalist Iñanki Lazcano (Airless) and the guitarist David Villareal (Black Rock). Coffeinne performs a potent melodic and fresh metal influenced by many different European Melodic Metal bands with many different styles from the most classic Power Metal to the most Scandinavian Melodic Death . Heavy guitars and powerful bass makes the perfect mixture with catchy melodies and aggressiveness making this album a colorful project with many styles but always true with the “Coffeinne” brand. The band is completed with Miguel Manjón in the bass and Pako Martinez on the drums, both ex buddies in Airless with Iñaki, which makes this formation a perfect fit.Now the band is ready to set the world on fire with the release of their new album “Requiem”

The Band:

Iñaki Lazcano – Vocals

David Villareal – Guitars

Miguel Manjón – Bass

Pako Martinez – Drum

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, Editor In Chief of the magazine, a pleasure to connect to you through this Interview, how are you guys doing?

(Iñaki) Hi Keith, the pleasure is ours. We’re fine, very excited with everything related to the release of our new album.


Your second Full Length album “Requiem” is scheduled to be released on 13th March 2020, how do you feel about this upcoming album and tell me about the writing process?

(David) As Iñaki has told, we’re looking forward to sharing it with all the fans. Regarding the writing process, it’s been long and, to be honest, quite hard. We were not prepared to settle for anything that wasn’t the best we could do. It took more than a year to get something we were actually happy with.. You know, nothing worthwhile comes easy…


It’s been 4 years since the release of Circle of time, how things been with you over the years?

(Iñaki) Well, in reality it’s about 3 years since the release (it was end of 2016 for Spain and spring of 2017 for worldwide and Japanese editions). During 2017 we had some gigs showing the album live and overcame some changes within the band but, at the end, we found the ideal people. After a few great shows with them, David and I started to work on the new album. We wrote plenty of music during 2018 (and discard most of it) and finished the writing at the beginning of 2019. The rest of the year, you know, recording, mixing, mastering…


How Coffeinne was formed, can you tell a bit about the band?

(Iñaki) The original project started with David and myself. Someone called us for a project and then we met each other. That project did not work, but we followed making music together. We both wrote the first album and recorded it with session musicians and then other different musicians played with us during the first shows until we found the ones that really fixed in properly, both musically and personally. They are personal friends of mine and former band mates from Airless and the connection with David was also immediate.

How the band has come up over the years, how do you see yourself in the coming years?

(David) We have not even noticed but it´s more than 5 years since we first met and Coffeinne was born… It’s been a kind of rollercoaster, ups and downs, but exciting all the time. We hope we have the chance to go on making the music we love and we can reach through it more and more people and fans.


Coffeinne is a blend of multi genres, how did you come up with the idea of this rather than sticking to one particular genre?

(David) Well, we can’t avoid liking many different styles and that is reflected when we make music. But I only call my music “metal”, or heavy metal if I have to choose a “label” (what, by the way, I don’t like at all). Ok, you can find a riff in a song that sounds like extreme metal, an intro or a bridge that reminds you any European power metal band, and suddenly a verse or a chorus that is much closer to melodic rock… obviously we don’t play extreme metal nor melodic rock … but that said, we don’t find those resemblances out of place. We think we have our sound, our style. It’s just that we don’t refuse anything that we like because “it sounds like this or like that…”. As I told you, we have many influences and everything fits in our songs as long as it sounds like Coffeinne.


What are the next plans for the band?

(Iñaki) Now, we have to go and show the new album live. Let’s hope we have good times with the fans and that everybody likes Requiem as much as us.


What are some of the great moments for the band over the years?

(Iñaki) Many… The amazing and unexpected feedback to the first album, all the love shown at the shows at home, all the love shown by people on the other side of the world…


What would be the best thing that you can dream of for the band?

(David) Having the chance to make the music we like and release it worldwide with such positive feedback is already a dream come true. If we could ask for something more, we would like to play it live at so many different places as possible, reach so many people as possible.


Message for the fans?

(Iñaki) I know is a clichéd, but after all, you, the fans, are the reason why we do what we do, why we create music and release albums… so thank you sooooooo much for being there, for your support and love. We’re looking forward to hear from you all regarding Requiem.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement