Interview With David Andersson Of The Night Flight Orchestra

Interview With David Andersson


By Keith Clement

It’s a pleasure to have this special featured Interview with The Night Flight Orchestra, the hard rock band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Tomorrow they are releasing their 5th Studio Album “Aeromantic” 

Let’s hear from the guitarist and songwriter David Andersson, about the band and the New release of the album tomorrow February 28, 2020.

The Band:

Björn “Speed” Strid – vocals
David Andersson – guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo – bass guitar
Richard Larsson – keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck – drums
Sebastian Forslund – congas, percussion, guitar
Anna-Mia Bonde – backup vocals
Anna Brygård – backup vocals

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you guys doing?

Nice to meet you Keith, this is David Andersson, guitarist and songwriter for The Night Flight Orchestra and Soilwork. I’m doing fine, thanks.


Tomorrow is the big day for you guys with the release of your 5th Album “Aeromantic”, how do you feel about the new album?

Aeromantic is probably our most diverse and complete album so far, and we’ve taken everything a bit further on this one, in every sense of the word. If you’ve like us before, you’ll love us now, because there is more drama, more catchy choruses, more sultry grooves, more bombastic power guitars, over the top vocal perfomances, new wave flirtations, power ballads and violin solos.


I enjoyed the album in its entirety, Absolutely another great album from you guys in 2020, Can you tell me about the writing process involved behind it?

We have a slightly different working process compared to most other bands, I think. We, and especially I, am constantly writing new songs, because it’s just one of my absolute favorite things to do, so we always have lots of new material. And I guess that most other bands that when it’s time to release an album, they book a studio and just go in and record whatever songs they have. But we’ve always recorded and produced everything ourselves, and we’re always having such a good time in the studio, so whenever we get a chance, we book a week or an extended weekend in the studio and record some stuff and drink lots of Champagne. So in a way, everyone we’ve done so far is just a continuous body of work, constantly evolving and transforming. We could release another album in a month if we wanted to, but I guess we have other stuff coming up right now that we’ll have focus on instead.

What are the next plans for the band?

Aeromantic will be released on Feb 28th, and then we have a European headline tour coming up starting in London on the 6th of March, and then continuing throughout March and April. Then we’ll play quite a few festivals during the summer, and we’ll also make our first US appearance in September on Progpower in Atlanta, GA. So make sure that you’ll start listening to the album in whatever format or medium you prefer as soon as it’s released, so that you can sing along and dance your ass off to every song when you come to our show. It will be the best party you’ve had all year, because at our shows, the men are more handsome, the women are stronger, the drugs hit harder and the champagne is even more sparkling. So do some serious research and Google “The Night Flight Orchestra Tour Dates”, because you don’t want to miss this.


Bringing back classic rock to the old school fans is really an amazing thing, how do you guys come up with the idea, being from diverse metal bands?

Playing classic rock is something that we’ve always wanted to do, and we all grew up listening to this kind of music as well as a lot of other musical genres that might be a bit surprising to some. When I got to know Björn during my first Soilwork tour in US in -06, we immediately started over our mutual love for classic rock, and we decided there and then that one day we would have a real classic rock band of our own, and here we are, 14 years later.

What would be that one song from Aeromantic that means so much to you and why do you chose that?

I love them all and they all mean a lot to me, but musically I’m extremely happy with Servants of the Air, Curves and Carmencita Seven, and lyrically I’d say Transmissions and Golden Swansdown for personal reasons.

How has the journey been so far for you guys?

It’s been, for the most part, extremely enjoyable. We started this band because we all loved the music and we found out both that we had en extremely good time playing together and also just hanging out together in the studio and on tour. The people in this band are some of my closest friends. We had no commercial expectations whatsoever when we started this band, and I’d like to think that we’d still be doing it, even if no had ever had heard of. We call The Night Flight Orchestra our “vacation band”, because it still doesn’t feel like job to us.

What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to the band?

Getting signed by Nuclear Blast after our 2nd album and getting the chance to reach a wider audience and become a real touring band. It still amazes me that we’ve made it this far.


Thanks again for putting up an amazing album this year, I Wish you guys the best in 2020 and coming years, Do you have a message for the fans?

Thank you. And for any fans reading this, remember that we love you, whoever you are. We want to be a band for everyone, where no one feels excluded. With this world going to hell, we need to unite and be tolerant, respect and protect each other, and hopefully  we’ll get to spend some time together partying our asses off at an NFO show in the not-so-distant future.


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement