Interview With Jyrki Of The 69 Eyes

Interview With Jyrki Of The 69 Eyes

By Keith Clement

Hey Jyrki, how are you today?

Hey man, I’m doing well, After the tour relaxing myself.


Early next year you have planned for “Hell Has No Mercy 2020” tour, How is everything coming up Jyrki?

Wow we are so excited, early this year we toured North America, after 10 Years, we have a great fan base in North America, and we are so proud to play in front of them, and we are excited again to go for North America and tour around the nation.


What are your plans in the North American tour?

We will be playing songs from the West End and many other songs.

Do you have any other tour plans?

After this tour we are thinking of a South American tour, the fans are so amazing, who have always supported us, they always write to us, they really deserve a tour, but nothing is official as of now.


You will be touring along with Wednesday 13, in Hell Has no Mercy 2020 tour, what do you feel about them?

Wednesday 13 is like a family to us, we always have a good time playing together, moreover it would be like a early Halloween for us next year haha


You made “Two Horns Up” with Dani Filth in West End, how was it working with Dani?

Wow Dani is an amazing friend a great person, We were friends for so long, I asked him if he would be interested to do a song with us and he said absolutely, We are into different genres, but this came out really amazing, Man he is an amazing vocalist, his voice range is something no one can think of.

What are you doing this Holiday Season?

Mostly at home with the family and being for them, and a few local tour playing some of our Christmas songs, its really happy to do something.


What are you listening to now currently?

As this is Christmas Season listening to the most amazing Johnny Cash, his songs are one of the best for this season, he will be watchin over us from heaven.


Jyrki it’s so amazing to talk to you today, do you have a message for the fans?

Enjoy your Holiday Season and have a great New Year. We will see soon.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement